EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “I Will Never Surrender!” – Kari Lake Discusses Her 2024 Senate Race, Presidential Election, Lawless Southern Border – Says They Rigged Her Election to “Keep an Outsider Like Me Out” (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “I Will Never Surrender!” – Kari Lake Discusses Her 2024 Senate Race, Presidential Election, Lawless Southern Border – Says They Rigged Her Election to “Keep an Outsider Like Me Out” (VIDEO)

Kari Lake spoke exclusively to The Gateway last week after announcing her bid for Arizona’s open US Senate seat in 2024 about her plan to beat her radical leftist opponents and secure the southern border.

Lake commented on her stolen election for Arizona Governor, which she is still fighting in court; the lawless southern border, where both of her “Marxist” opponents have repeatedly voted against additional security; and what she is expecting in her race, where she already holds an early lead against Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego and incumbent Kyrsten Sinema, who claims to be an Independent but is as far left as they come!

Lake is expected to face the Democrat and alleged “former” Democrat in a three-way General Election.

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on Kari Lake’s stolen election, where 60% of machines were rigged to fail, targeting Republican election day voters, and hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots were inserted into the system. Lake is still fighting an appeal in her ongoing lawsuit to overturn the election and take her rightful seat as Governor. However, she won’t let the election criminals stop her from fighting for the people and running again in 2024.

Before announcing her candidacy, Lake told The Gateway Pundit that her court cases “will continue to be pursued,” and she is “perfectly capable of multitasking” while running for Senate.

President Trump didn’t quit. Why should Kari Lake let them keep her out of politics by not running for office?

The RINOs in Maricopa County and Soros-funded Katie Hobbs stole the election for governor “to keep an outsider like me out,” said Lake. “They can’t afford another Trump-style outsider who’s going to go and do right by the people,” she continued.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson met with Kari at Jetset Magazine’s hangar in Scottsdale, Arizona, just as she finished interviewing Jim Caviezel. When asked about her meeting with Caviezel, Lake told The Gateway Pundit that the interview will air on Jetset Magazine’s webpage.

Kari’s Husband, Jeff (left); Kari Lake, Jim Caviezel (right)

This is where Lake held her massive rally with thousands of people to make her big 2024 announcement. As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump sent a video to be aired during the rally, giving his Complete and Total Endorsement for Kari in 2024! This was the first endorsement Trump has ever made upon a candidate announcing their bid for office.

Watch a replay of Lake’s entire rally here.

“Kari is One of The Toughest Fighters in Our Movement” – President Trump Makes Unprecedented Endorsement for Kari Lake in Video Appearance DURING Campaign Announcement Rally (VIDEO)

In the 15-minute sit-down interview, Lake also commented on other hot topics, including whether or not she would accept an invitation to serve as President Trump’s Vice President, what she’s seen while traveling across the nation campaigning for Trump, and the recent thrashing she gave radical-left, open borders Marxist Ruben Gallego at the airport after he invited her to talk about his bad legislation. Watch the hilarious and embarrassing encounter here.

Will Ruben Gallego dodge the debate as Katie Hobbs did before stealing the election?

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Tells Reporters “We Wrote The Playbook on Beating [Kari Lake],” Says She’s “Happy to Share it” With Lake’s 2024 Senate Opponent

Arizona voters can sign Kari Lake’s candidate petition here to get her name on the ballot here:

Watch TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson’s full interview with Kari Lake below:

Conradson: You’ve decided to run for Senate. Congratulations. I love it. Never Surrender even to the stolen elections. Let’s talk about it. You’ve been campaigning for Trump all across the nation, in places that a lot of people wouldn’t go, a lot of heavy Democrat districts, a lot of time in Iowa, California. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned going across the nation talking to voters?

Lake: I’ve done a little bit of campaigning for Trump, but mostly, I’m out talking about what’s happening in Arizona and the importance of having election integrity. I get invited to talk all over the country. I’ve gone into very liberal places: Manhattan, New York City, i’ve been in Oregon, I’ve been, you name it, in every kind of city that you can imagine, California several times. The biggest thing I’ve learned, Jordan, is the people are with us. You know, I’ve always recognized the fake news. I know they’re lying, and I don’t think people are even watching. When you look at the ratings, they’re in the toilet. People aren’t watching them. The people are with us. You would think by what the fake news says that everyone hates me, and nobody wants to hear anything about what happened in our elections, just the opposite. I go out around the country, and people say, “Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for fighting for our elections. If we don’t have honest elections, we’re not gonna have a country much longer.” I don’t get any negativity. I don’t get any negativity when I’m out there. It’s all love, all positive, all thank you for fighting, we’re in this with you, we support you. A lot of people say, “We’re with you and Trump. We love Trump. We love what he did. We want him back.” So, I believe we are not just a small majority, we are a massive majority, and the people are awake, they’re sick of the direction we’re going, and we have to go in a different direction. And we need to get out and vote in this next election, like not only our lives depend on it, our children’s futures depend on it, our country depends on it, and so I’m going to stay in the fight. What they did to us on election day was to keep an outsider like me out. They can’t afford another Trump-style outsider, who’s going to go and do right by the people, and so they’re trying to keep me out, and I can’t give them that. We fought too hard for what we did for our great Arizona First agenda to let these people keep us out and kick us down. So, we’re gonna stay in the fight. We’re on a final Hill. I’m not surrendering. I will never surrender, and I will never go away. And so they should be very much aware of that. I’ll never ever go away.

Conradson: Of course, Kyrsten Sinema hasn’t announced yet. You covered this state for decades. This is probably something you’ve never seen. What do you expect this dynamic to look like for a three-way Senate race?

Lake: Well, I expect her to come out and act like she’s some moderate, which she’s not, and we’re going to prove that with her voting record, which is atrocious. absolutely atrocious. Her constituency is basically the Globalists. She’s hanging out with the WEF all the time. Her constituency are these billionaire donors, the donor class, and it’s not the people of Arizona. She’s not on the ground here in Arizona to understand the suffering that people are going through. I am the only mother in the race. I understand what families are facing. I understand the parental rights issue where parents feel the government is trying to take their rights away when it comes to their children, when it comes to the transgender stuff, and when it comes to education. And I understand that. The other two don’t understand that. And so we’ve got a three-way race. I think our prospects look really good. I just saw some new polling that showed, I think, Sinema at like 19% and me winning, and I think they’re really worried. That’s why they’re all trying to raise money off of me. “We’ve got to keep her out!” and they’re raising money off me, and I think they’re really worried.

Conradson: We’re gonna have a great Senator, Kari Lake, but a lot of people were a little disappointed to see that you wouldn’t be a Vice President pick for Donald Trump. If that were to come up, is that something you would say yes to?

Lake: I don’t even think he’s thinking of that, and I certainly am not either; that’s a media creation. I do want to say I’m, in a way, glad they’re asking it because you know what it means? It means that they realize President Trump’s going to be the nominee, and he’s going to go on to be the President as well. And so they’re starting to kind of come to grips with that, the fake news is. I don’t think he’s thinking about it. If any President did not need a Vice President because they’re so powerful and so strong, it’s President Trump. And I’m running for Senate because I believe that taking back the Senate, putting it in the hands of Republicans, will help us get President Trump’s agenda passed. So, I’m running for US Senate. I’m happy to go to Washington DC, as much as I hate Washington, DC, and fight for the people of Arizona, and that’s what I’m going to do. Anybody, frankly, who is jocking to get that position really better get off their high horse, get back down on planet Earth, and let’s work to make sure President Trump gets in office. That’s what I care about. I want him in office. I want to eventually get back to my own private life and not have to be in the swamp. I think when we get President Trump in, we will have our good lives returned to us, but we need some help and we need some fighters right now.

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