Bayefsky: The UN Has Blood on Its Hands in Denying Israel Its Right to Self-Defense

Bayefsky: The UN Has Blood on Its Hands in Denying Israel Its Right to Self-Defense

Human rights activist Anne Bayefsky and founder of contributed a must-read analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the horrendous response by the United Nations since the assault was launched over one week ago.

Hamas terrorists murdered 1,300 Jews and took another 120 Jews hostage back to Gaza.

Immediately after the attack, before the bodies were collected and identified the United Nations was already lecturing Israel and making disgusting comparisons to the Palestinian war crimes and Israel’s response to the carnage.

Young Israelis party on Saturday morning as Hamas fighters fly paragliders in the background in to kill them.

Via The Times of Israel.

The butchery of 1,300 Israelis in a single day and the UN response to the atrocity have made one fact crystal clear: the United Nations has Jewish blood on its hands. Its role as an enabler of Palestinian terrorism must be front and center in the days ahead as its agents seek to deny the Jewish state the existential right of self-defense and fuel a global antisemitic pogrom.

On November 29, 1947, when the Jewish population had been decimated through unimaginable horrors by the Nazis, and the remnants of the Jewish people sought refuge and self-determination in their ancestral homeland, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to establish a Jewish state and another Arab state in the Middle East. On November 28, 1947, the Pakistani UN Ambassador railed against the decision, vowing “the Arabs of Palestine will not cooperate in setting up the Arab state…If the Arabs will not co-operate, as they will not, even the Jewish State will not be viable.” Seventy-five years later, the playbook hasn’t changed.

On October 9, 2023, two days after a slaughter of Jews unprecedented since the Holocaust, the Pakistani Ambassador to the UN in Geneva – speaking on behalf of all 56 Islamic states and the Palestinians – objected to “seven decades of foreign occupation.” He made the endgame very plain: the destruction of the Jewish state. He asked the states sitting in attendance at a UN Human Rights Council meeting to stand and join him in a minute of silence for “the victims of decades of foreign occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” And they did.

Jewish bodies were still unidentified and unburied. The dead were still being found and counted. The hospitals were still full of the injured. The accounts from survivors and first-responders of rape, beheadings, torture, mass murder, abduction of babies, families, the elderly and the disabled were still pouring in.

And the United Nations – a global powerhouse with an annual budget from all sources of fifty-billion dollars a year – immediately lined up to demonize the state of Israel.

It is vital to understand that war for Palestinian Arabs, and Arab and Islamic states that reject coexistence with Jews, has long had two phases. The first is the murder of Jews. The second is commandeering the United Nations to deny the Jewish state a right to defend itself, and to enable a repeat of the first phase until their goal is accomplished. Phase two includes hijacking and perverting international “law” and the principles of universal human rights to serve as tools of warfare and antisemitism.

United Nations forces are already coalescing around phase two – in effect, doing the political dirty work of Hamas and its partners. The incoming deluge of charges of human rights violations will confuse and disorient. Hence, set out below is a timeline of the reaction of the United Nations, its top actors and bodies, to events in the initial days of the war, October 7 to October 10. In those terrible and terrifying moments, when Israel was attacked and desperately seeking to eliminate the enemies operating inside its territory – while under rocket fire and facing two other active fronts – the character and agenda of the United Nations was laid bare.

From the outset, UN actors refused to acknowledge or support Israel’s right of self-defense. This fundamental right of every UN member state was never mentioned even once by the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, the Secretary-General, or the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Instead, UN officials reacted immediately by condemning Israel and finding ways to excuse and diminish the actions of its mortal enemies. The United Nations has revealed both a deep moral turpitude and its identity as an instrument of modern antisemitism. The demonization and attempted elimination of Israel may come from the barrel of a microphone, but make no mistake: it aims to be deadly.

Continue to read the timeline of the UN response here.

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