Boebert spent campaign cash at Beetlejuice boyfriend’s bar

Boebert spent campaign cash at Beetlejuice boyfriend’s bar

Well before Rep. Lauren Boebert and her date got thrown out of a local theater showing of Beetlejuice for being disruptive and frisky, her campaign spent hundreds of dollars at his bar.

The Colorado congresswoman’s campaign put down $317.48 in late July at Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, Co., according to her most recent campaign finance filings. That’s the same bar co-owned by Quinn Gallagher, the man who accompanied Boebert to the theater that fateful September night.

Boebert and Gallagher were caught on camera fondling one another amid a crowd that included families with children. Boebert was also vaping and being generally disruptive, according to reports. She and her date were asked to leave.

Boebert initially disputed the idea that she was acting out before ultimately apologizing when the incident received national attention and footage of her and her date was released.

But it was her association with Gallagher and Hooch that also caused problems for the conservative Coloradan. Hooch is a gay friendly bar that has hosted drag shows, the latter of which Boebert has publicly criticized.

Boebert’s campaign did not return a request for comment.

The campaign expenditure at Hooch was listed as being for “event catering.” Boebert says she and Gallagher are no longer dating because he is a Democrat.

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Author: By Jessica Piper and Sam Stein