Whistleblower “Ryan Dark White” Arrested for Making False Report on Child Trafficking

Whistleblower “Ryan Dark White” Arrested for Making False Report on Child Trafficking

Gateway Pundit let me warn you months ago that Ryan Dark White–Lin Wood’s so-called whistleblower claimed there was Hammer and Scorecard and it was used to steal the election and that John Roberts was a pedophile–was a felon and a liar.

The original article published on Ryan Dark White was almost a year ago to the day.  It was an attempt to warn Wood and others that this guy was not trustworthy based on his past.

Lin Wood’s Whistleblower Is Telling Different Stories About His Past

This was followed up a few days later with additional information on Ryan Dark White.

Why I Am Questioning the Credibility of Dr. Jonathan McGreevy/aka Ryan Dark White/aka JohnHeretoHelp

In a third article, Ryan Dark White’s legal history was provided as additional proof of his character.

So it comes as no surprise that Matt Couch just sent me the news of White’s arrest for peddling false information on child trafficking (you can read the full story here). According to the news report:

White has appeared in a couple videos with Andy Kuhl, a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Sheriff, to detail how he exposed the alleged abuse.

(Content Warning: some of the descriptions by White are graphic.)

He claims he got the job at the bookstore as part of law enforcement sting operation on the drug trade into Baltimore

There were between 100-200 pounds of drugs in part of the building, he claimed.

“They started exploiting children,” he claimed in a video on Kuhl’s campaign site dated June 9. “There’s a child trafficking ring being run through there as well.”

Without referencing Kuhl by name, Gahler said, “It is even more appalling, that another individual, who is running for a law enforcement position, would embrace such an obviously false narrative in an effort to gain political traction – nothing more.”

Gahler said the girl investigators identified is safe but expressed disappointment the work of the Harford County Child Advocacy Center would be discredited.

“Fearmongering and antagonism caused wasted time and energy by our personnel, whose time would have been better served protecting the citizens of Harford County, instead of investigating lies,” he said.

I tried repeatedly to warn Lin Wood that he was being hoodwinked. Wood did not appreciate my warnings.  Now the truth is out. Ryan Dark White has one more arrest on his record.

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Author: Larry Johnson