LeBron James, Red Sox Partial Owner, Calls Boston Fans “Racist as F*ck”

LeBron James, Red Sox Partial Owner, Calls Boston Fans “Racist as F*ck”

China puppet LeBron James is now insulting Boston fans.

LeBron James, who is a partial owner of the Boston Red Sox, called Boston fans “racist as f*ck.”

“James and Carter are both investors in the Fenway Sports Group, a company principally owned by John Henry with majority ownership of the Red Sox, Liverpool FC, the Pittsburgh Penguins and RFK Racing. It works out to a very small percentage of each team for James, who hasn’t exactly converted his baseball fandom to Boston.” Yahoo Sports reported.

LeBron made the statements on his talk show “The Shop” on Friday.

Yahoo Sports reported:

In one year, LeBron James is scheduled to hit NBA free agency. There will be many teams interested in the talents of the Los Angeles Lakers star, but we can probably cross the Boston Celtics off the list.

James did not have very nice things to say about the Celtics, particularly their fanbase, during an episode of his talk show “The Shop” released Friday. Specifically, he identified TD Garden has his least favorite place to play after soccer player Marcus Rashford discussed Premier League venues.

Also part of the conversation were James’ business partner Maverick Carter and show co-creator Paul Rivera.

The full exchange:

Carter: “In basketball, there are fans that can literally take the game from you. You can feel like the fans is not going to let us win this one tonight. What place?”

James: “I mean, Boston.”

Rivera: “Why do you hate Boston?”

James: “Because they racist as f***, that’s why. They will say anything, and it’s fine. I mean, f***, it’s my wife, she’s been dealing with them her whole life. I don’t mind it. I hear it, if I hear someone close by, I check them real quick. I move onto the game, whatever the f***. They going to say whatever the f*** they want to say. They might throw something, I got a beer thrown on me leaving a game.”

Carter: “It’s the only place in the NBA where you and they have shirts and they say like ‘F*** LeBron.’”

James: “Yeah, it’s like a ‘F*** LBJ’ T-shirt. I believe they probably sold it at the f***ing team shop.”

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Author: Cristina Laila