WATCH: “Karrin, SHAME ON YOU” – Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Her Ducey-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For Swindling Elderly Americans In Unethical Fundraising Scheme

WATCH: “Karrin, SHAME ON YOU” – Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Her Ducey-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For Swindling Elderly Americans In Unethical Fundraising Scheme

Governor Doug Ducey-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial primary candidate Karrin Taylor Robson has been caught and exposed for scamming elderly voters across the nation in a deceitful fundraising scheme.

Trump-Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake discovered that Robson uses phone messaging alerts that purport to back conservative causes to trick conservative senior citizens into donating to her failing campaign.

Not only is she endorsed by Doug Ducey, but the Arizona Democratic Party recently published a statement thanking Robson for her support and thousands of dollars donated to Democratic Candidates “up and down the ballot” as recently as 2020.

However, some of the messages from her campaign appeared to be raising money for President Trump’s Truth Social app, even though President Trump has called Robson a “weak RINO.”Other messages from Robson’s Arizona campaign referenced the Texas Governor’s race and Beto O’Rourke.

In a video exposing this gimmick, Trump-Endorsed frontrunner Kari Lake said, “Now these kind-hearted retirees would click the link, and little did they know they were signing up for a recurring donation, but not to build the wall or help President Trump. It was a recurring donation to a woman that they don’t even know. And let me tell you, they probably don’t want to know her.”

According to Lake, “1200 refunds have been issued so far.”

Robson is desperate as she continues to lose big in the polls. The Gateway Pundit recently reported on new polling data, which shows Kari Lake leading Robson by double digits. Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters also holds a steady double-digit lead.

EXCLUSIVE Gateway Pundit-Cygnal Poll: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters Hold Double Digit Leads In Arizona Primary Elections

Karrin is a billionaire, already dumping millions of her own money into this race. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Robson also has the support of Anti-Lake PACs and her elitist business partners, who have pledged millions to defeat Lake.

It is unknown why she is also swindling vulnerable senior citizens for even more money in a “massive scandal” involving tousands of donors. “these victims are men and women on a fixed income, some of them making $10 donations. Others making $100 donations each month to Karrin Robson, a RINO candidate for governor who doesn’t even need their money,” said Lake.

The Lake Campaign sent the following media release.

Kari Lake EXPOSES Karrin Taylor Robson’s Predatory Donation Scheme That Targets Vulnerable Seniors

Phoenix, Arizona – The Kari Lake for Governor Campaign has released an explosive new video exposing the scheme by the Karrin Taylor Robson campaign to solicit thousands of small donors through misleading text messages.

Many of the donors were contacted directly, which can be seen in the video, and had no idea they had signed up for a monthly contribution to Karrin Taylor Robson’s campaign and frankly, had no idea who Karrin Taylor Robson even is.

The new video can be viewed here – 

Kari Lake issued the following statement about the video:

“What do you do when you’re funded by the political elite but want to appear like you have the support of hard-working, everyday people? My opponent Karrin Taylor Robson bilked senior citizens, many of them on a fixed income, out of their money, just so she could claim to have thousands of small donors. We can’t allow someone who preys on our elderly, and is this unethical, anywhere near the Governor’s office.”

Kari lake also released a video exposing this dishonest tactic and urging others to protect themselves and their loved ones who are being taken advantage of.

Lake: How can you protect yourself or your elderly loved ones from Karrin? Sit down and look through their debit statements or their credit card statements for those monthly recurring donations to Karrin for Arizona. And if you find them and want to refund, you can call your credit card company or Karrin’s campaign to get that money back. And while you have her on the phone, tell her, ‘shame on you, Karen for tricking our wonderful patriotic retirees out of their money.’ Especially in a time when they’re struggling to put food on the table and pay for gasoline with the sky-high inflation we’re living under. Listen, I’m new to politics. I know they call it the swamp but my RINO opponent may be the most swampy, corrupt, and certainly the most unethical person in all of politics for this deceptive, disgusting fundraising ploy. Karrin, shame on you. You shouldn’t be allowed to ever hold public office for your unethical actions. 

One possible victim is heard in the video saying, “I did not give her a donation. She’s a thief!”

SHE’S A THIEF: Ducey-Endorsed @Karrin4Arizona duped Vulnerable Senior Citizens out of $$ Karrin sent predatory texts claiming to raise money for Trump, Truth Social & the Wall…folks don’t even know they are donating to a pro-abortion RINO! Very unethical.

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Author: Jordan Conradson