“I’m Old Enough to Remember Who Called that Election for Joe Biden in Arizona” – Trump-Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Responds to Unfair Bret Baier’s Fake News Attack (VIDEO)

“I’m Old Enough to Remember Who Called that Election for Joe Biden in Arizona” – Trump-Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Responds to Unfair Bret Baier’s Fake News Attack (VIDEO)

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial frontrunner Kari Lake annihilated “unfair Bret Baier” again yesterday for his failed smear job on her and his treasonous 2020 Election reporting.

The 45-minute-long live and uncut interview with Lake aired on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Rumble page.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Kari Lake went head to head with Bret Baier and absolutely destroyed him on Friday night when he tried to push a fake and defamatory story against her. As we previously reported, Lake announced a defamation lawsuit against a radical leftist drag queen and long-time Democrat Katie Hobbs activist for slandering Kari and her family to the local news outlets. Bret Baier is a corporate media hack who failed to do his research.

“I Am Really Disappointed in FOX, I Thought You Were Better Than CNN!” – BOOM! Kari Lake INCINERATES Bret Baier and FOX News for Pushing FAKE STORY on AZ Drag Queen (VIDEO)

Even worse, Bret Baier attacked President Trump yesterday, inferring that we should believe a debunked liar, Cassidy Hutchinson, who testified as a “surprise witness” on the Sham Jan. 6 Committee, claiming that President Trump tried to assault his driver and hijack the Presidential Vehicle.

“Cassidy Hutchinson Is Under Oath!” – FOX News Hack Bret Baier Defends Hoaxer Cassidy Hutchinson from Trump Attacks (VIDEO)

After her interview with Baier, Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit:

Lake: We’ve been asking Fox prime time to put us on, including reaching out to most of the key Fox News people or their staff, and we have had no luck. It seems they had no interest in talking to the front-runner, Trump-endorsed candidate for governor in one of the most consequential states in the country. It’s odd.

We contacted Bret after seeing my RINO opponent on his show last week. Laura Ingram had her on more than once, Including when she was polling at 2%. It’s pretty clear who the corrupt media wants to win this election. My RINO opponent is one of their biggest advertisers as she attempts to buy her way into the governor’s office. And the Fake News always protects their top advertisers.

I will give kudos to one of the few journalists remaining, Maria Bartiromo, who had me on her Sunday morning show.

According to seethemoney.az.gov, RINO Karrin Taylor Robson has already spent a whopping $4,254,240.22 on ad buys with Mentzer Media Services, Inc., and she is now a frequent guest on Fox News. Bret Baier recently interviewed Robson and asked softball questions clearly crafted to help her campaign.

Baier conveniently fails to ask Robson about her establishment anti-America RINO record.

Yesterday, Kari had another chance to blast Bret Baier again when asked by RSBN about her recent interview.

Glenn: Walk me through that conversation, and then we’ll get to a response that President Trump put out this morning. We’ll get to that in just a second, but walk me through that conversation. And did you know it was going to get a little sideways?

Lake: No. We’ve been trying to get on Fox News since we started. And they’ve never invited us on. They’ve never taken us up on our offer to come on Fox News. So, I was really excited to go on Bret’s show. I was hoping it would go really well. I’d seen my opponent, who they’ve been having on since the very beginning, even when she was getting two points [in the polls].

Glenn: Several times, I’ve seen her on Fox.

Lake: And they never had me on, the front runner since the beginning, President Trump-endorsed, and finally, they asked us to come on, and we were really excited about it. Obviously, they put some bullets in the chamber and were ready for a gun battle with me, and they unloaded a lot of attacks on me which is okay because I can handle it. I’m not afraid of any question you ask me. But it was disappointing because it was very much what you’d expect from MSNBC or CNN, so I was disappointed in it. We have a lot of issues facing Arizona. The number one issue is actually our election, election integrity.

Glenn: And I noticed that he got very uncomfortable at the point when you said, we have an illegitimate president in the White House. And what we’re seeing today with inflation, immigration, all the chaos in this country is caused from the fraudulent election which put an illegitimate president in the White House. And when you said that, that’s when you ruffled the feathers, I think.

Lake: I’m old enough to remember November 3, right? And I’m old enough to remember who called that election for Joe Biden in Arizona while people were still voting. And I know who it was, and it was the person who interviewed me last night. And since then, he hasn’t wanted to talk about this corrupt election. So, it was interesting. He did ask about the election, but he, you know, completely dismissed all of the corruption. We know about it. We know what happened

Glenn: Earlier this morning, President Trump, I’m talking the wee hours of the morning, pushed out a statement about that. Give me your thoughts on his official statement. That he pushed out and what is it, how does it make you feel?

Lake: I was actually getting ready to go to bed, and one of the folks on my staff sent it to me, and I actually thought it was a joke. I thought, “I can’t believe President Trump put something out. It’s so late,” but he was up, and he had happened to see that interview last night. I talked to him today, and he said he loved the interview. He was so excited about it, he put that statement out very late because he had finally gotten to bed and had a chance to see it. And you know, he knows what’s up with the news. He’s the one who really opened people’s eyes to how fake the news is, and I loved it. I thought it was a great statement, and I just admire President Trump so greatly. And when people try to tear him down, I realize it’s because they’ve been brainwashed by fake news. This man did so much for our country. His America first policies helped each and every American. Even Democrats were helped by his policies.

President Trump released a statement on the interview late Monday night praising Kari Lake’s courage as he denounced “unfair Bret Baier.”

Bret Baier is such a hack!

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Author: Jordan Conradson