FDA Panel Recommends to Redesign COVID-19 Vaccines to Fight ‘Omicron’ Variants this Fall

FDA Panel Recommends to Redesign COVID-19 Vaccines to Fight ‘Omicron’ Variants this Fall

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee voted on Tuesday to change the strain composition of COVID-19 vaccines as immunity continues to wane and more people suffer from adverse reactions from the experimental shots.

FDA’s panel of independent vaccine experts voted 19 to 2 to recommend redesigning the COVID vaccines to fight the Omicron variants this fall.

“It is the first time the panel has proposed that vaccine makers modify the shots to target a different variant. The FDA will likely accept the committee’s recommendation and authorize a vaccine change,” CNBC reported. “However, the panel did not make a recommendation on which omicron subvariant the shots should target.”

Both Moderna and Pfizer have claimed that their respective redesigned experimental shots generate a better immune response against BA.1 than their current shots that were designed for the original virus that emerged from China, according to Toronto Sun.

In February, the CDC released a study proving that Covid mRNA vaccine effectiveness wanes after four months.

“During the Omicron-predominant period, VE against COVID-19–associated ED/UC visits and hospitalizations was 87% and 91%, respectively, during the two months after a third dose and decreased to 66% and 78% by the fourth month after a third dose. Protection against hospitalizations exceeded that against ED/UC visits.” the CDC said.

According to the Danish study published in JAMA Network in May, the researchers found a rapid decline in Omicron-specific serum neutralizing antibody titers only a few weeks after the second and third doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Data from around the world show just how ineffective the COVID-19 vaccines are.

Data Show Just How Ineffective are the COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World

For several months, the US public health regime and the bootlicking media have been downplaying the risk of developing myocarditis and other life-threatening reactions after taking the vaccine, calling the occurrence “mild” and “rare,” and systematically burying any evidence to the contrary.

However, myocarditis – a potentially life-threatening inflammation of the heart –  is in no way a ‘mild’ adverse reaction to the vaccine – especially when 90% of cases that have been recorded in VAERS ended up hospitalized – so, in other words, that half of the narrative was just an outright lie.

The VAERS website has recorded 1,307,926 Reports of adverse reactions through June 17, 2022.

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Author: Jim Hoft