Well-Known Street Preacher Attacked By Pro-Abortion Antifa Mob in Seattle (VIDEO)

Well-Known Street Preacher Attacked By Pro-Abortion Antifa Mob in Seattle (VIDEO)

A well-known street preacher in Seattle was attacked by a pro-abortion mob on Friday.

Part of the incident and aftermath was caught on camera by Discovery Institute journalist Jonathan Choe.

“Well known street preacher in Seattle assaulted by Antifa/black bloc members. I caught tail end of them carrying him on a construction sign, then throwing him on ground. Preventing him from entering abortion rights rally. Unclear what led up to this,” Choe tweeted.

In a follow up tweet, Choe wrote, “Street preacher seems ok. Just ran back into the crowd! Antifa and far left activists swarming him. I’ve also just been outted!  Umbrella crew and nut jobs now coming after me. I’m taking a little break. I’ll be back.”

Antifa continued to target Choe, according to his tweets.

“THEY’RE POINTING ME OUT IN CROWD: Antifa/ Black bloc heads trying to stop me from recording. Bald guy with tats on his head keeps pointing me out,” Choe wrote.

Choe did not leave and attempted to continue covering the protest, but was chased when he tried to film the mob breaking windows at businesses they were passing.

“These Antifa clowns just spotted me and chased me. I was at front of march. Saw these domestic terrorists trying to break windows as well. One kid is carrying a lit flare and bear mace,” he wrote.

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, a young pro-life woman was soon attacked by the mob and sprayed with bear mace.

Prior to the attack, a pro-abortion activist ran up and attempted to pepper spray her, but the weapon malfunctioned.

Following the first failed attack, the mob descended on the young woman and she was assaulted and sprayed with bear mace. Part of the assault and the large cloud of mace can be seen in the background of footage taken by a witness.

Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt witnessed the assault. She wrote that they tackled her to the ground before spraying her.

“Seattle Antifa attack pro-life female, tackle her to the ground and pepper spray her,” Daviscourt tweeted.

It did not appear that any arrests have been made at time of publishing.

Protests were taking place in cities across the nation on Friday evening.

The Gateway Pundit will be providing updates on the situation throughout the evening.

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Author: Cassandra Fairbanks