Weak Kevin McCarthy Promises to “Investigate” Joe Biden’s Shady Business Dealings on Facts We Already Know About and Reported On

Weak Kevin McCarthy Promises to “Investigate” Joe Biden’s Shady Business Dealings on Facts We Already Know About and Reported On

Weak Kevin McCarthy wrote an editorial for The New York Post this Independence Day Weekend.

Kevin McCarthy is famous for calling on Big Tech to silence conservatives.

In his editorial McCarthy says Republicans will investigate Joe Biden’s shady business dealings.

McCarthy penned this oped today:

In October 2020, just 20 days before the contentious presidential election, a startling article appeared in The New York Post detailing shady business dealings and influence peddling by Joe Biden’s family members, particularly his son Hunter.

The legacy media, which for four years had sensationalized countless conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and his family, faced a choice: report the Biden allegations or circle the wagons in the Bidens’ defense in the election’s run-up. They chose the latter…

…We have uncovered some answers, but many questions remain. In November, the American people will decide whether they accept being told what information they are allowed to know by a colluding media, including who is making policy decisions for this country and for whose interests. A Republican majority will be committed to uncovering the facts the Democrats, Big Tech and the legacy media have suppressed.

Kevin McCarthy is so weak that he can only commit to possibly running an investigation into Joe Biden’s business dealings.

** What about his criminal acts in Ukraine? Joe Biden is on tape bragging about having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investing his son Hunter.

** What about his son’s illegal gun possession?

** What about Joe Biden’s son’s disclosures to Russian hookers?

Naked Hunter Biden Tells Hooker That Russian Drug Dealers Stole Another Laptop For Blackmail (VIDEO)

** What about Joe Biden’s fondling of children? There are hundreds of photos and videos of Joe Biden groping women and children, girls AND boys! Why does he get a pass on this? Why is the media silent on this? Is this acceptable behavior? Do Republican lawmakers support this behavior?


** What about Joe Biden’s dementia? Why are we supposed to sit and be silent as a dementia patient and his handlers destroy the country?

** What about the millions who have crossed the open US border since Joe Biden entered the White House? What about the open borders?

** What about the massive surge in overdoses in the US since Joe Biden took over?

** What about skyrocketing inflation and energy costs? What about the Biden regime’s statements that this was on purpose?

* * * * * * * *

Are Republican voters going to fall for this typical BS from Kevin McCarthy?

Is this why we vote Republican? So GOP officials can vote for tax hikes and war in Ukraine and pretend investigations where nothing ever happens?

As Democrats destroy the economy, steal elections, jail opposition party members, and threaten the former President with prison based on completely fraudulent charges, Kevin McCarthy offers the commitment to investigate Joe Biden’s business dealings.

For years Republican voters have been lied to by their elected representatives.

Republicans waited patiently in the past for the watered-down Horowitz Report, the Durham investigation, the Trey Gowdy probes.


Will they fall for this again with Kevin McCarthy?

Mike Cernovich is right. Republican voters want human rights tribunals.

Is the GOP listening?

How much more will we take?

Mike Cernovich on The War Room: Republican Voters Want ‘Human Rights Tribunals’ Against the Criminal Regime Who Is Killing the Nation and It’s People — NOT Kevin McCarthy (VIDEO)

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Author: Jim Hoft