WAYNE ROOT: “SHOW AND TELL.” This is the Phenomenon Producing Shocking Trump Landslide.

WAYNE ROOT: “SHOW AND TELL.” This is the Phenomenon Producing Shocking Trump Landslide.

Thousands of Trump supporters wait for President Trump to speak in Wildwood, New Jersey hours before his arrival. – screen grab

By Wayne Allyn Root

Did you see the Wildwood New Jersey rally for President Trump over the weekend? The NY Post estimated there were over 100,000 Trump fans in attendance. In deep blue New Jersey!

Yes, size matters.

Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of American politics. 100,000 people with nothing better to do on a beautiful weekend beach day on the Jersey shore, but to fight traffic and parking nightmares, and get jammed into a political rally, with porta-potties, to listen to a politician speak.

This is called a phenomenon.

And this is no aberration. See the latest polls. Trump is up by double digits nationally. More importantly, Trump is dominating battleground states (which determine the electoral winner) like no one since Reagan.

In the latest battleground polls produced by the ultra-liberal and biased NY Times, Siena College, and Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump is destroying Biden. He’s up by a landslide 12 points in my home state of Nevada, by 10 points in Georgia, by 7 points in Michigan and Arizona, and by 3 in Pennsylvania. Wisconsin is a dead tie (within the margin of error).

This is with Biden enjoying a booming stock market…tens of millions of dollars spent by the Biden campaign for TV ads in battleground states…Trump convicted in civil court in New York…and on criminal trial for his life, involving an affair with a porn star. How is this possible?

I call it, “Show and Tell.”

Usually, people believe the lies, propaganda and misinformation they see and hear from the mainstream media. This time is different. Remember watching “Show and Tell” in 3rd grade? Telling someone is one thing, but to actually see it and feel it, is proof!

That’s why Trump is winning big. It starts with “the economy, stupid.” Everyone can see and feel inflation destroying their wallets, pocketbooks, bank accounts and budgets. They can see it and feel it in every grocery bill, restaurant bill, electric and gas bill, and at the gasoline pump.

This time, you can’t fool them, brainwash them, or gaslight them. No amount of propaganda works, when it comes to inflation. Because everyone can see it and feel it.

This is “Show and Tell.”

The government and media can cover-up Hunter Biden’s laptop, but they can’t cover-up inflation.

Secondly, this witch-hunt against Trump is not happening in secret. It’s all out in the open. No amount of propaganda, or gaslighting can hide this witch-hunt. Everyone can see with their own eyes that what’s happening to Trump is “injustice.” The charges are bogus, ridiculous, or aimed at only one man for the first time in history. The judges and juries are rigged. Trump is being persecuted and framed by a weaponized government.

The J6 prisoners are being tortured with cruel and unusual punishment, while radical leftist protesters like BLM, antifa and pro Hamas get the kid glove treatment. The DOJ goes after Catholics and PTA moms. Everyone sees it. Everyone is starting to understand, next it could happen to you and me.

Again, it’s “Show and Tell.”

America is becoming a combination of the Soviet Gulag, 1930’s Nazi Germany, and a Latin America Banana Republic.

Finally, perhaps the most important reason of all for the Trump landslide. For the first time, the American people can officially see and feel the difference between Trump/Republican rallies and Biden/Democrat rallies.

And the difference is frightening.

Turn on the TV. Just look at the makeup and personality of the people at Trump rallies. They are “apple pie and Chevrolet.” Hard-working, law-abiding, salt-of-the-earth Americans. Patriots of all kinds, proudly waving American flags. They look like your mom and dad, your grandparents. The people who made America great.

Until now, we had no Biden rallies to compare.

Since the day Biden started running for president in 2020, Biden has had very few rallies. On the rare occasions he leaves his basement, 50 people show up- 25 of them are media, the rest are Democrat Party officials.

But now for the first time, we actually have a comparison.

Look at the anti-Israel, anti-American rallies at college campuses across America. These are Obama/Biden/Democrat voters. They are filled with hate and rage for America, Israel, Jews, Christians, capitalism, police and military.

Not one of these radical, communist, low-lives has ever contemplated voting for Trump, or any Republican.

Their signs and chants say, “Death to Jews” “Death to Israel” “Death to America” “We are Hamas” “Intifada” and “End Capitalism.” They burn American flags and desecrate statues of American heroes. They threaten the lives of Jewish students. These aren’t patriots, they’re pigs.

These are enemies from within.

These are rioters, looters, torchers, thugs. They block Jewish students from entering classrooms, just like the KKK used to block black students. One day soon they will murder an innocent Jewish student.

This is the base of the Democrat Party. Vile, violent, radical Jew- haters and America haters.

“Show and tell.” Everyone can see and feel it. Normal God-fearing Americans don’t like what they see. Normal people don’t want America to look like this. They certainly don’t want people like this in power.

Trump attracts 100,000 patriots- with love in their hearts for America, American exceptionalism, the American Dream and yes, Israel too.

And these anti-Israel rallies attract a few hundred dirtbags, Hamas sympathizers and outright terrorists. This is the Democrat base. You can’t cover it up.

That’s why Trump’s lead is exploding. That’s why 100,000 Americans showed up for a Trump rally on a beautiful weekend beach day, in deep blue New Jersey.

“Show and Tell” is the phenomenon that is producing a shocking Trump landslide.

I’m certain Democrats are busy scheming how to replace Biden at the Democrat convention. But this is so big, even Michelle Obama can’t save the Democrats now.

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