WAYNE ROOT: Democrats Keep Calling Trump “Hitler.” Could It Be Because They’ve Turned America into 1930s Nazi Germany?

WAYNE ROOT: Democrats Keep Calling Trump “Hitler.” Could It Be Because They’ve Turned America into 1930s Nazi Germany?

Scenes of the reinstated Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Columbia University on its fourth day
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By Wayne Allyn Root

Folks, Democrats (ie radical communist traitors who hate America) keep calling Trump “Hitler.” They keep saying if Trump is elected, he will become a Hitler-like dictator. Hillary Clinton said it days ago. Robert De Niro said it on ABC’s “The View.” again.

But why go to the extreme of comparing Trump to Hitler? Of all people, why Hitler? It’s so extreme, ridiculous, over-exaggerated and preposterous. Why exaggerate like that?

The answer is simple: Saul Alinsky.

Every leading Democrat has studied Saul Alinsky. He is their God- along with Satan. Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating? Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” is the Democrat playbook. They all follow his strategy. The book is dedicated to the devil. On the very first page you’ll see the dedication. The book is dedicated to “the first radical who fought the establishment and won his own kingdom, Lucifer.”

Insanity, right?

This explains a lot about what’s happening today in America. Satan runs the Democrat Party. His right-hand man may be Obama…with help from George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the Chinese Communist Party. But in the end, the guy at the top of the food chain giving the final orders is Satan.

Democrats really are the party of criminals, illegal foreign invaders, communists, terrorists, weirdos with mental illness, and Satan.

Saul Alinsky is famous for saying, “Look in the mirror. Whatever you see, blame your opponent.”

So, the reason you see and hear Democrats calling Trump “Hitler” so often is they looked in the mirror and saw Hitler in themselves. They are the dictators. They want to imprison, or impoverish, or enslave, or torture anyone who disagrees with them, criticizes them, or challenges them. They are ones following the playbooks of communist Saul Alinsky and National Socialist Hitler.

Look around. America today looks very much like 1930s Nazi Germany.

Start with the Covid vaccine. Trump never mandated it. He never threatened anyone with losing their job, or career for not taking it. He never kicked hero warriors out of the military for not taking it. Trump believes in freedom. He gave everyone a choice. There was no coercion.

But Biden and Democrat Governors forced every employee and even school children to take an experimental, for-emergency-use only vaccine against their will. Exactly like Hitler did. This mandate violated the post-Hitler era rule called “The Nuremberg Code” that no human being would ever again be forced to take any vaccine or drug against their will.

So, who is more like Hitler? Trump or Democrats?

Democrats also acted Hitler-like with ridiculous lockdowns that destroyed the U.S. economy for a germ…and suffocating, dehumanizing masks with holes bigger than the germ…and business closures. Trump never mandated any of them.

Democrats wanted you to believe that germs only attack small businesses (who mostly support Trump), but leave billion dollar businesses alone (who mostly support Democrats). They closed and bankrupted small businesses, made tens of millions of Americans jobless, destroyed small landlords, and jailed Americans who refused to listen.

That sounds pretty Hitler-like to me.

Who wanted vaccine passports to walk into any store, restaurant, bar, gym, or hair salon? Only Democrats. They demanded “your papers” 24/7.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like the Nazi Gestapo asking Jews for “their papers?” Yup.

Who weaponized the government? Not Trump. Did Trump send the IRS to destroy Democrat’s lives? Nope. Did Trump use the FBI to go after Democrat protestors? Nope. Did Trump send the FBI to harass or intimidate critics? Nope.

But Biden (and his boss Obama) sent FBI SWAT teams to arrest J6ers…and Catholic church goers…and PTA parents…and Pro-Life protestors who sang religious songs and prayed outside abortion clinics.

Obama used the IRS to try to destroy critics like me (I’m a witness), and conservative organizations and donors.

That sounds pretty Hitler-like to me.

Trump never used the government to arrest his political opponents. Heck, Trump never even indicted Hillary!

But Biden (and his boss Obama) have been conspiring with obsessed, Trump-hating, Democrat prosecutors across the USA to frame Trump with bogus charges, or make up crimes that either never happened, or prosecute behavior that has never been prosecuted in the history of America.

They have created rigged judges and juries. In New York they want to put Trump in prison for years by using the testimony of a discredited, disbarred shyster lawyer, and a porn star and alleged prostitute. These are communist show trials. These are things a tyrant does to get rid of his opponents.

That sounds pretty Hitler-like to me.

Then there’s rigged elections. It was Stalin who said, It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

And media manipulation to blackout anything negative to Democrats (like Hunter Biden’s laptop, or rigged elections, or Covid vaccine deaths).

And the way Biden demonized the unvaccinated and now conservatives as “domestic terrorists” sounds awfully like the way Hitler demonized Jews.

And then there’s mass censorship, banning and silencing of conservatives and critics of this administration on social media through a conspiracy between government and Silicon Valley.

Did Trump ever do any of that? Nope. But Biden (and his boss Obama) sure did.

And now we have the cherry on top…

Watch the anarchy, hate and threats of violence on college campuses across America by thugs screaming “Death to Jews” “Death to Israel” “From the River to the Sea” and “We are Hamas.” And the thugs on college protests are exactly like Hitler’s youth army. Except now they’re the youth army of the Democrat Party.

So, now you know why Democrats are comparing Trump to Hitler. Because they looked in the mirror.

Democrats have introduced Nazi tactics into American politics. Democrats have turned our country into 1930’s Nazi Germany. And if you can’t see that, you’re part of the problem.

There is only solution: Trump.

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