WATCH: O’Keefe Exposes Nonprofit ‘No Mas Muertes’ Likely Facilitating Cartel Members’ Human Smuggling to Phoenix – Undercover Journalist Held AT GUNPOINT!

WATCH: O’Keefe Exposes Nonprofit ‘No Mas Muertes’ Likely Facilitating Cartel Members’ Human Smuggling to Phoenix – Undercover Journalist Held AT GUNPOINT!

O’Keefe Media Group and James O’Keefe released their latest video, exposing No Mas Muertes (No More Deaths), a nonprofit and ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, for smuggling illegal immigrants from the border in Arizona.

O’Keefe investigated the No Mas Muertes compound at 36455 S Papalote Wash Rd in Arivaca, Arizona.

According to the No Mas Muertes webpage, the group is “dedicated to stepping up efforts to stop the deaths of migrants in the desert,” and volunteers aid and abet illegal immigration by providing water, food, socks, blankets, and other supplies to illegals.

Additionally, “Volunteers research, document, and expose patterns of abuse against people crossing the border at the hands of Border Patrol and other government agencies,” states the webpage.

No Mas Muertes has been raided by Border Patrol agents for their illegal activities multiple times in the past. The Intercept reports:

CAMOUFLAGED U.S. Border Patrol agents in armored vehicles launched a nighttime raid on a humanitarian aid camp in southern Arizona on Friday. Agents zip-tied volunteers’ hands behind their backs, shouted at them with rifles raised, and confiscated their cellphones, as well as the organization’s medical records. At least two helicopters hovered above the camp and a film crew documented the operation on the ground. Agents moved through camp structures and arrested more than 30 undocumented immigrants who were receiving treatment after trekking through the desert in the middle of heat wave.

The humanitarian group, No More Deaths, a faith-based organization out of Tucson, believes the operation was likely part retaliation, part violent publicity stunt. The raid marked the second time in two years that the Border Patrol descended on one of No More Deaths’ aid stations immediately after the group published materials that cast a negative light on the border enforcement agency.

This is not the first time the Border Patrol raided a No More Deaths camp after the group released unflattering information about the agency. In January 2018, a plainclothes Border Patrol team set up surveillance on one of the group’s aid stations in the unincorporated community of Ajo, Arizona, just hours after the group published a report implicating the agency in the destruction of thousands of gallon water jugs left for migrants crossing the desert. The raid that followedled to the arrest of humanitarian aid volunteer Scott Warren and two young undocumented men from Central America.

Warren was accused of providing the men with food, clothes, and a place to sleep over three days. The U.S. Attorney’s Office charged him with smuggling and conspiracy. He faced up to 20 years in prison. His first trial ended in a hung jury. He was acquitted on all charges in the second. Trump administration prosecutors in Arizona have brought nine federal cases against No More Deaths, nearly all of them for leaving water for migrants on public lands. The only convictions the administration was able to obtain were tossed out earlier this year by a federal judge, who wrote that they hinged on “gruesome logic” that criminalized “interfering with a border enforcement strategy of deterrence by death.”

Cade Lamb shared video footage of the No Mas Muertes encampment last week, showing “over 200 military-age males” at the facility. As seen in most groups coming across the border, there was not a single woman or child.

While undercover, O’Keefe discovered that employees and volunteers at the encampment cover their faces with masks to avoid being identified and likely prosecuted. They were also seen telling an undercover journalist that members of the public who are curious about what goes on at their facility are “white supremacists” and that Border Patrol agents are “bad people.”

The employees stated that they were “paranoid” because they were being watched by O’Keefe and likely because they were committing a crime.

Additionally, possible cartel members with guns were recorded by an undercover journalist posing as an illegal immigrant, and the two men offered to smuggle the journalist into Phoenix, hundreds of miles away from the border. This occurred at the tax-exempt nonprofit facility. No Mas Muertes appears to be in bed with the Cartels.

O’Keefe teased the release of this new bombshell exposé last night, showcasing a daring rescue mission when men with guns were holding an undercover journalist hostage at the No More Deaths compound in southern Arizona.

O’Keefe is hosting a Twitter space from 4 pm to 6 pm ET to discuss this bombshell story:

Via O’Keefe Media Group:

O’Keefe Media Group has infiltrated another nonprofit in Arizona, responsible for aiding and abetting the invasion of our southern border.

No Mas Muertes, or No More Deaths, is “an official ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson” that provides aid, including water, food, socks, blankets, supplies, and first-aid treatment to illegal immigrants on their journey into America.

Volunteers at No Mas Muertes also purport to “research, document, and expose patterns of abuse against people crossing the border at the hands of Border Patrol and other government agencies,” according to the organization’s webpage.

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths has been previously raided multiple times by Border Patrol agents with helicopters and armored vehicles. Prosecutors under the Trump administration reportedly brought charges in at least nine federal indictments against No Mas Muertes and their volunteers for crimes such as human smuggling.

Recall that last week, O’Keefe Media Group released our undercover reporting on the Casa Alitas migrant housing facility in Tucson, Arizona. Before this, OMG exposed another link in the chain, the human trafficking operation at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, where illegals are transported on flights across the country after being bussed from the NGOs that receive them from ICE and Border Patrol.

Our journalists disguised themselves as property surveyors to get a better look at the organization’s property located in a tiny town in the middle of the Arizona desert called Arivaca. The property is tucked at the edge of Murphy Canyon at 36455 S Papalote Wash Rd, near the intersection between W. Lil Teka Road and Apache Canyon Road, 40 minutes on a dirt road from Interstate 15 and 30 miles north of the Mexico border.

Upon arriving at the property and notifying them of our intention to survey the land, we were immediately met with pushback from volunteers, who told us that we had to leave and refused to answer questions.

So, we called the organization, posing as donors, and discovered that the organization has “4-5 employees” and a budget of “around $400K,” according to Mary Weiss, an administrator for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson.

We then sent our undercover journalist, Caesar, posing as an illegal immigrant, into the camp, where he was welcomed after saying he needed help.

After telling a man in a white mask that he “fell walking down” and hurt his feet, the man asked, “Did those guys hurt you?” You’ll notice that the workers were much more hospitable and willing to answer questions from someone they thought was an illegal immigrant than somebody from America.

It was later explained that employees and volunteers of the organization wear masks to disguise their identity and protect them from incrimination. “I only put [the mask] on when the military shows up or when those white people show up, so they won’t take my picture,” said a woman named Alisia, who is believed to be a paid employee of No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths.

Alisia told Caesar, “Sometimes we have bad people,” seemingly in reference to Border Patrol agents and white Americans, and assured him that “This is a safe place for you, but we always have threats here.”

Caesar was then asked by the masked man who let him in if he was with the surveyors who had just been told to leave the property, and Caesar said, “They gave me a ride.” The man in a mask then asked if we hurt Caesar and told him that we were “white supremacists who are impersonating workers.”

A heavyset woman told Caesar, “We don’t mean to be weird or rude. Right now, there are people watching us, and we are a little paranoid.” She then said again, “We are a little paranoid.”

At about the same time that Caesar was being interrogated for his ties to alleged “white supremacists,” Alisia and another man named Nate approached our car to question us. When we asked for directions to the land we were supposed to be surveying, they purported to be aloof and lied, saying, “We’re just driving down here; we’ve got some friends that live down here.” He further pretended to have no idea what No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths was.

The employees returned to camp and had a conversation in front of our undercover illegal immigrant journalist, where they referenced a woman named Amber. It is unclear who Amber is.

It was then that Caesar was accosted by two Mexican men from Sonora and Tijuana dressed in military garb and carrying guns. The bad hombres interrogated Caesar, asking how much money he paid the Cartels for his transport to America and why he hadn’t applied for asylum while refusing to give their names.

The suspicious woman then told Caesar she was “worried” that he was part of the surveyor journalists’ “manipulation tactics.” The concern was shared by the possibly Cartel-affiliated man, who began asking Caesar about his watch and if there was a camera hidden inside.

The Mexican man then offered Caesar a ride from the 501(c)(3) backed No Mas Muertes camp to Phoenix for a fee of $300. This is extremely odd, if not illegal, for the group affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, which has a $400,000 budget and the tax-exempt status of a church.

Shortly after, the Sheriff was called on our colleague who was supposed to pick Caesar up from the encampment, and Caesar was left stranded in the desert, possibly surrounded by Cartel members and a Cartel church organization, already suspicious of his identity.

In order to find refuge from the freezing cold desert temperatures, Caesar went back to the camp. This was when things became extremely dangerous as Caesar was held against his will at gunpoint.

Thankfully, OMG founder James O’Keefe was able to recover Caesar and save him from the potential Cartel hostage situation he was in.



Watch the entire video below:

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