WATCH: Black Lives Matter Leader Sees the Light and Reveals Why He is Backing Donald Trump for President Next Year

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Leader Sees the Light and Reveals Why He is Backing Donald Trump for President Next Year

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Joe Biden’s problems with minority voters continue to worsen as they realize how much they lost while Donald Trump was President. Now, a leader from far-left Black Lives Matter is seeing the light.

Mark Fisher is the co-founder of the organization’s Rhode Island chapter. He was a lifelong Democrat but became disgruntled and ditched the party recently.

The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe previously reported that Fisher had been a staunch supporter of the J6 Prisoners persecuted by the Biden regime. He even helped lead a national prayer outside the E. Barret Prettyman courthouse in DC on Aug. 30 to protest the sentencing of Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio and Ethan Nordean.

Now, he has decided the best way to send a message is to support Trump, the man responsible for creating the most prosperity for minority voters in American history.

Fisher went on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to explain why he is backing Trump. His take on the Democrats was absolutely scathing, while his words toward Trump could not have been warmer.


Relevant transcript:

Fox and Friends co-host Lawrence Jones: This is my favorite story of the day because it identifies what I have seen in the barbershop…all the brothers are turning tides right now (against the Democrats and toward Trump). What is the big reason?

Fisher: I think personally it is the duplicity of the Democrats. We’re not stupid. The brothers are not stupid. We understand when someone’s for us and when someone is not and it’s obvious that the Democratic party is not for us.

Their policies actually strike at the heart of the black community and the nuclear family.

Jones: You were part of Black Lives Matter and you founded it there (Rhode Island)…What is it about Donald Trump, what is it going to take for him to shore up this support amongst black voters?

Fisher: It’s just going to take information. A lot of people are misinformed. They don’t really understand because they don’t educate themselves on Donald Trump as a person and his history.

If they do that, I think it will happen on its own. Personally I love the man. I mean, how could you not like a real man? How could you not relate to someone like that?

Jones: If you had the opportunity to talk to the former president, I’m sure he’s watching right now, what would you tell him?

Fisher(chuckling): I stump for Trump!

Fisher then affirmed to Jones that he is still a member of Black Lives Matter but that he preaches a message of unity rather than division. “I want to bring all the marginalized groups to the center because we’re stronger together as one nation under God,” he said.

One hopes that he will have success both in his mission to re-elect Trump and in knocking some sense into BLM. The latter will likely prove more difficult.

In August, The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe had an exclusive interview with Fisher in front of the federal courthouse in Washington, DC.

The January 6 political prisoners “are going through the justice system, the court system, just like a lot of my brothers and sisters had to go through when I was coming up and as a youngster, and to this day,” Fisher told The Gateway Pundit.

“Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral. But it is a nation of laws that we live in, as opposed to a nation of people. So we have to deal with them,” he said. “I believe solidarity and brotherhood is the way to combat governmental overreach and legislative abuse.”

“I stand in solidarity with the January 6 political prisoners” and “there are hundreds of men that stand with me,” the community organizer told TGP the night before meeting this reporter at the Capitol building.

Walking the halls of the Capitol with TGP as Congress left for August recess, Fisher commended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green for exposing the decrepit conditions of the DC Central Detention Facility and visiting the notorious “DC Gulag.’

“I just spoke with Marjorie Taylor Greene and I just let her know that she should continue to fight the good fight. People don’t like people who are outspoken, who are supposed to be quiet and remain timid,” he said.

Fisher then visited the federal courthouse, where every January 6er is tried with a 99.8 percent conviction rate.

“We came today to inquire about the January 6 prisoners and what the situation is, what their punishments will be and what the recourse is going to be for everybody who was involved in it,” he said. “I am going to some of their leaders and see what direction they want to go in.

“We have to just see eye to eye, and I’m going to, because the future is collaboration. It’s us understanding each other — understanding that it’s not the government that’s going to rescue us and save us and solve our problems. It’s going to be us, helping us and understanding one another and having empathy. And that’s what’s going to save America.”

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Author: Cullen Linebarger