VIDEO: Trump-Endorsed Senate Nominee Blake Masters SLAMS Biden And Mark Kelly’s Open Border-Fentanyl Crisis During Arizona Rally: “Mark Kelly Should Be Forced To Attend The Funerals Of Each Of Those Dead Children”

VIDEO: Trump-Endorsed Senate Nominee Blake Masters SLAMS Biden And Mark Kelly’s Open Border-Fentanyl Crisis During Arizona Rally: “Mark Kelly Should Be Forced To Attend The Funerals Of Each Of Those Dead Children”

Trump-Endorsed Republican Senate Nominee Blake Masters slammed Joe Biden and Mark Kelly during a fired-up speech in Mesa, Arizona, at Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake’s “Faith and Family Fest” event last Saturday, saying Mark Kelly should attend the funerals of dead Arizona children who have died from the fentanyl pouring through our southern border.

Unlike Joe Biden, Kari Lake and Blake actually filled a gym with supporters.

Biden-backing radical Mark Kelly is the Democratic U.S. Senate incumbent who helped Joe Biden destroy President Trump’s historic economy and secure southern border during just two short years in office.

Kelly claims to be concerned about drug overdoses in his community. Yet, he voted against Title-42, a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the U.S. border in order to protect public health. Further, Kelly has voted against the wall and border security numerous times, despite knowing his votes would contribute to the crisis at the border.

He also voted for the massive $740 billion Bidenflation bill — despite soaring record inflation — allocating $369 million for ‘green energy’ and hiring 87,000 armed and fit IRS agents “willing to use deadly force” against law-abiding Americans.

Mark Kelly claims to be a moderate, but in reality, he has voted for the extremist Biden agenda 94% of his time in office.

Recently, The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Kelly finally agreed to debate Blake Masters after weeks of ducking the invitation. Kelly is terrified because Blake will expose his radical agenda on the debate stage on October 6th.

Biden-Backing Radical Mark Kelly Finally Agrees To Debate Against Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters On Deadline Date – Katie Hobbs Chickens Out, Requests SEPERATE INTERVIEWS Against Kari Lake

To open his speech, Masters responded to Joe Biden’s latest hateful speech, where he threatened MAGA Republicans, labeling them “extremists” and “a clear and present danger to our democracy.” The crowd booed loudly right after Blake Masters uttered the words, Joe Biden.

Masters: How many of you caught Biden’s crazy speech the other night? Can you believe this guy? Joe Biden wants to say that anybody who wants to make America great again, anybody who wants to put America first, is some kind of threat to democracy. Joe Biden thinks you’re dangerous. He says that you’re extreme. It’s just so demented. And you know, it’s ironic. It’s ironic because Joe Biden promised to unite America. Remember that? He promised to unite us. And you know, in a weird way, it’s actually maybe the ONE campaign promise that he might end up making good on because under his failed leadership; man, the Democrats have blown it so badly, everything’s on fire. America is uniting. We’re uniting against Joe Biden. And I’ve got a message to Joe Biden and to all of his regime propagandists, and to all of his enablers and sidekicks in the Congress like Senator Mark Kelly: you guys are done. You have failed, and these people, they do not understand what Americans want. Clearly, clearly, and so it’s not complicated. Let me just tell them, right, we can just tell them what Americans actually want. First and foremost, we want border security. It’s not complicated. You don’t have a country if you don’t have secure borders.

Number two, we want our energy independence back. We had it. It was great. And the Democrats stupidly throw it away. We’re gonna get it back again. I know that. Number three, we want affordable groceries. This is just the basics. My gosh, aren’t you tired of going to the grocery store and prices just keep going up and up and up because of Joe Biden and Mark Kelly’s failed economic policies?

Masters recently told The War Room, “Mark Kelly is enabling this kind of creeping, bureaucratic totalitarianism that Joe Biden is delivering.”

AZ Republican Blake Masters: “Mark Kelly Is Enabling This Kind of Creeping, Bureaucratic, Totalitarianism That Joe Biden is Delivering” (VIDEO)

Later in his speech, Masters hit Kelly hard, saying that Mark Kelly should attend the funerals of every dead child that has been lost to the growing fentanyl crisis that his radical agenda created.

Masters: The Democrats in charge, they know they failed. They don’t have anything to run on in November. And so they resort to name calling. Oh, you don’t like all the chaos and destruction that liberalism breeds? Well, you must be dangerous. You must be extreme. No, you know what’s dangerous, and what’s extreme is what’s actually happening to our country. What the left is doing to our country, that’s what’s dangerous. That’s what’s extreme. 400,000 new illegal aliens. Crossing the border every single month. That’s dangerous. 87,000 new IRS agents. Apparently, some of them are gonna be armed. That’s extreme. And you know, there are no words to describe tens of thousands of dead American teenagers, dead from fentanyl because of our wide open southern border. Mark Kelly should be forced to attend the funerals of each of those dead children so he can better understand the consequences of his support for Joe Biden’s open borders. I truly mean that.

Of course, if he did that, he would not have so much time to record his fancy television commercials, Where he attacks me, he lies about me, he lies about his record. He’s on TV pretending to be some kind of moderate. Can you believe that? But voters are not going to be fooled. Joe Biden and Mark Kelly, they have their chance, and they failed. And now it’s our turn. And we’re going to succeed. I’m telling you. Arizona, November 22, what happens here in this state in two months is going to determine the future of this country. We are going to vote Mark Kelly out, we’re going to kick him out of the United States Senate. We are going to flip the school board’s ruby red in November, and you better believe we are going to send Kari Lake to the ninth floor at the State Capitol to be the next Governor of Arizona.

After the speech, Masters took a selfie with the massive crowd of Patriots who showed up to support America First candidates for office. A spokesman for the Kari Lake campaign said they organized this huge grassroots rally in a matter of just five days.


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