VICTORY DAY PARADE: Emboldened and Defiant, Russia Celebrates 79th Anniversary of Defeat of the German Nazis

VICTORY DAY PARADE: Emboldened and Defiant, Russia Celebrates 79th Anniversary of Defeat of the German Nazis

79 years ago, the German Nazi forces signed the ‘Instrument of Surrender’, ending World War II in Europe.

This date is yearly celebrated in Russia as ‘Victory Day’, their most important civic holiday to honor those who fought and won the they call ‘The Great Patriotic War’.

This year, newly re-elected for a fifth term President Vladimir Putin led the country in a significant moment, with Russian Federation forces making big gains in the ground in the Ukraine War, their economy growing despite heavy sanctions, and an emboldened spirit that realizes they don’t need to bow to the Globalist Liberal order, and can forge their path in their own terms.

Let’s take a look at WaPo’s coverage, with our usual comments.

Washington Post reported:

“With his armies grinding forward in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin on Thursday marked Victory Day, the World War II commemoration that is Russia’s most significant holiday, with an unusually harsh speech, accusing the West of ‘hypocrisy and lies’ and of inciting global conflicts, and warning that Russia’s nuclear weapons are always ready for war.”

Putin accused Russia’s former western allies against Nazi Germany of distorting the truth about World War II.

The military parade showcased Russian might, including nuclear-capable missile systems.

“’Russia will do everything to prevent a global clash, but at the same time we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always in combat readiness’, Putin said, referring to Russian nuclear capabilities. Earlier this week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry scolded the ambassadors of Britain and France over their countries’ support for Ukraine, and Putin announced plans for tactical nuclear drills.”

Watch: Russian strategic missile system RS-24 Yars of the 54th missile division was demonstrated.

Watch: Russian paratroopers shouted ‘For Donbass’ as they crossed RedSquare.

He asserted that the West has forgotten the lessons of World War II against Nazi Germany.

“’Today we see how the attempts are made to distort the truth about the Second World War’, Putin said. ‘[Because this truth] disturbs those who are accustomed to building their essentially colonial policy on hypocrisy and lies’.

He continued: ‘They are demolishing memorials to the true fighters against Nazism, putting on pedestals the traitors and collaborators of the Nazis, crossing out the memory of the heroism and nobility of the soldier liberators, of the great sacrifice they made in the name of life’.”

1,000 participants of the Ukraine war marched in a separate column, after Putin, in his speech, called them heroes.

The group counted with seven ‘heroes of Russia’ and 24 ‘holders of the Order of Courage’.

Watch: President Putin, and Heads of foreign states laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Ukrainian widespread Nazi ideology is a fact, not fiction.

Symbolically, this display of power comes one day after Kyiv officials had to announce plans for electricity rationing across the country in the wake of Russia’s crippling missile and drone strikes on infrastructure.

WaPo can’t resist but characterizing Putin’s common sense remark that ‘Western powers are supporting modern-day Nazis by propping up the government in Kyiv’, as a ‘frequent and false accusation’. Oh, false? Who is Stepan Bandera, again?


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Author: Paul Serran