Victor Reacts: When Will the Insanity Stop? (VIDEO)

Victor Reacts: When Will the Insanity Stop? (VIDEO)

At what point does the insanity stop and where can we get off of this ride?

As reported by the Gateway Pundit,

In a recent sexual assault case, The Supreme Court of Canada ruled it was “problematic” for a lower court judge to refer to the alleged victim as a “woman,” implying that the term that should have been used is “person with a vagina.”

Justice Sheilah Martin, nominated to the Court by woke champion Justin Trudeau in 2017,  wrote in a decision published Friday that a trial judge’s use of the word “a woman” may “have been unfortunate and engendered confusion.”

Martin does not specify why the word “woman” is confusing, but the next passage in her decision refers to the complainant as a “person with a vagina.” Notably, not one person in the entire case is identified as transgender, and the complainant is referred to throughout as a “she.”

Ten short years ago it would have rightfully been considered insulting to call a woman a “person with a vagina.” The radical gender theorists have decided for the rest of us that common sense does not matter anymore. Women, in their eyes, are nothing more than their genitals.

The last thing anyone would ever want to do is understand basic biology, after all that might be offensive. At what point has the insanity gone too far? When will the so-called experts and academics be publicly shamed and ridiculed for their part in this mess?

A society which rejects the most basic of truths in exchange for a lie is destined to collapse. If we are not willing to stand up to the most obvious falsehoods, then what will we stand up against?

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Author: Victor Nieves