Victor Reacts: Society is the Joke, Cervix is Now Called “Front Hole” (VIDEO)

Victor Reacts: Society is the Joke, Cervix is Now Called “Front Hole” (VIDEO)

Reality and satire have become so closely interconnected that even the most outrageous of jokes are coming true. The term “cervix” is apparently offensive and should be replaced by the term “front hole.”

The Gateway Pundit reported,

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has come under fire for yielding to the forces of political correctness, issuing an apology for using the term “cervix” in its health guidelines aimed at LGBTQ+ community members who are biologically female, according to a report by True North.

This move reflects a concerning trend of medical institutions caving to the pressures of ‘woke’ culture, sacrificing clarity and accuracy in health communications for the sake of political correctness.

“Anyone with a cervix can get cervical cancer. Almost all cervical cancer cases are due to HPV infection. HPV is spread through sexual contact including sexual intercourse, genital skin-to-skin contact and oral sex, regardless of gender or sexual orientation… If you have a cervix and have ever had sexual contact with anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, you should start having regular Pap tests by the time you’re 25,” the website reads.

The disclaimer indicated that while the term “cervix” is medically accurate, it might not resonate with or be embraced by all readers, acknowledging that terms like “front hole” might be preferred by some.

A society the won’t stand for the most basic biological truths won’t stand for anything at all. What do the ladies think about this new term?

Collective insanity has spread so far and become so destructive that a cancer society can’t even try to issue a health warning using medically correct terminology without being vilified by the radical gender theorists.


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Author: Victor Nieves