US Medical Company Sues Chinese Manufacturer Over 100,000+ Defective COVID Tests with False Positive Results

US Medical Company Sues Chinese Manufacturer Over 100,000+ Defective COVID Tests with False Positive Results

American Military News (Photo courtesy of AnyPlace MD)

A US medical company is suing Chinese manufacturer Anhui DeepBlue who manufactured and distributed to the United States more than 100,000 defective antibody tests that showed false-positive results, according to American Military News.

AnyPlaceMD sued the Chinese medical technology company after two years “in an effort to recover nearly half a million dollars it lost buying defective tests.”

According to the report, AnyPlaceMD has asked for a refund since 2020.

AnyPlaceMD provides state-of-the-art mobile and portable health care and specializes in Military Readiness and providing services to Government agencies such as the prison system, mental health centers, and rehabilitation services.

Shane Stevens, CEO of AnyPlace MD revealed that upon inspection, they discovered that DeepBlue’s tests were “terrible.”

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Stevens said his company always conducted “sample validations on all tests to ensure good quality prior to using or distributing,” a standard that made AnyPlace MD “a preferred provider to many states and military customers.”

Using AnyPlace MD’s high inspection standards, Stevens discovered that DeepBlue’s tests were “terrible.”

According to Stevens, the tests had what he referred to as “phantom lines,” which are lines that make a negative test appear positive. Upon further inspection, Stevens’ company found that the tests were not put together properly, leading to inaccurate results.

Stevens immediately notified Rallo that the tests were defective and requested a refund.

After months of attempting to secure the reimbursement, Stevens was eventually connected with a man named Zeyu Li, who said he was acting on behalf of DeepBlue.

According to a text sent to Stevens on Sept. 8, 2020, and reviewed by American Military News, Li apologized for the delayed refund. Stevens thanked him for the apology and asked when he should expect payment. One day later, Li told Stevens that DeepBlue was attempting to sell the bad tests that were in Stevens’ possession “in Mexico or other South American [countries]” rather than issue a refund, so there “will be [no loss] or just a small [loss].”

Stevens responded, “Why are you guys trying to sell these tests to anyone else? They are not good. Ghost [lines], false positives…They are not good tests.”

“At a minimum, let’s get the direct cost of the product refunded this week. If I cannot get that back, we will have to get attorneys involved,” Stevens continued. “What is the amount of the product refund and when can I expect that?”

In response, Li argued that DeepBlue had agreed to refund the tests due to what they described as the FDA’s revoked authorization, not the “product quality” and accused Stevens’ inspection of being incorrect.

“By the way, deep blue sold about 10 million test kits total. We got bad result and refund less than 50k total…. so we don’t think there is a big problem in our products,” Li added, asserting that DeepBlue’s own inspection found the tests were accurate.

Stevens suggested that it was possible the tests were not bad when they were initially manufactured, but stood by the results of his company’s analysis. After a series of messages brimming with excuses for the continually delayed refund, Li “went dark.”

Now, two years later, Stevens has sued DeepBlue in federal court, a move he described as a “two-year process with a low chance of success.”

“They’re kind of untouchable,” he said. “What can we do to them over in China?”

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Author: Jim Hoft