Update: ACLU Workers in Fulton County, GA Had Access to Election Net Software on Their PERSONAL Computers

Update: ACLU Workers in Fulton County, GA Had Access to Election Net Software on Their PERSONAL Computers

Last week The Gateway Pundit published a story regarding a post from investigative reporter Paul Sperry where he disclosed that FOIA’d records show ACLU representatives were shockingly given authority “to process absentee ballots applications received through online portals and then equipped ACLU poll workers with iPads to cancel absentee ballots without county supervision.”  Ballot applications are a hot topic after TGP’s breaking article that revealed a large ballot application harvesting operation in Michigan through a non-profit called GBI Strategies.

Joe Hoft broke a similar story back in June 2021, revealing that 255 ACLU workers were provided as “deputy registrars” with access to ENET (ElectioNet) to “cancel absentee ballots”.  The ACLU workers were supposed to be trained in the process, however, monthly reports indicate that only 18 Deputy Registrars were trained in January 2020 in two classes, 31 in February 2020 in five classes, and zero from March 2020 through October 2020.  Joe Hoft also revealed that in August of 2021, the ACLU was actively recruiting once again for poll workers.

However, the access given to the ACLU workers is much more significant than just having access to iPads and government computers with ENET access, which is linked to the Secretary of State, to process ballot applications and cancel absentee ballots.  In an podcast interview with veteran poll manager Bridget Thorne last year, she disclosed a bit more information about the access the ACLU clerks were given, most shockingly the claim that they were able to access ENET on their personal computers.  In an interview, she revealed the following:

“She [ACLU clerk] told me she was trained the day before, she did a ZOOM training.  I have a laptop for her to use but they didn’t give me the password to the laptop.  She’s was like ‘Oh thats ok, I’ll just pull it up on my personal computer.’  So she used her personal computer and she access to the entire ENET system and can clear any voter she wanted to vote.”

Thorne, who has over 9 years experience working elections in Georgia, said that it is “totally new” to have someone from the ACLU inside your precinct.  The software that the ACLU workers had access to has the capability to theoretically “look and see who has an absentee ballot out and hasn’t turned it in and they could turn one in for them if they had access to a bunch of blank, no stub absentee ballots somewhere.”

It is worth mentioning that invoices and order forms were obtained through Open Records Request that show Fulton County ordered 770,000 extra 18″ paper ballots with no stubs on October 16th, 2020 that were delivered on October 30th, 2020, just four days before Election Day.  They placed another order for 100,000 18″ ballots with a ‘ship date’ of October 14th, 2020, two days after early in-person voting began.

The Brennan Center suggested in February 2020 that Fulton County increase their total number of emergency ballots at each precinct from the mandated 10% up to 25%.  Then, in October 2020, they filed an amicus brief in Curling v. Raffensperger suggesting they increase that number to 40%.  Judge Amy Totenberg denied this request, so Fulton likely only had the 10% that is required by the State.  Fulton County only had 808,000 registered voters as of November 1, 2020, and with numerous voters voting early and by absentee, it is unclear why they would order 107% of their total voting population in “no stub” ballots just days before the election.

When asked why they would order 18″ ballots specifically with “no stub”, Thorne said:

“I can’t understand why you would order ‘no stub’ ballots.  In the precinct, if you’re using a ballot for emergency purposes (and 18” ballots were mail-in/emergency), you have a stub and that stub, the manager when they use that ballot, they tear the stub away.  The stubs have the ballot style and they’re numbered 1 through whatever…I had 400 in my precinct.  So they’d be numbered 1-400.  Then when someone would come in and need it, I could write down how many I used on that list and you do a recap sheet at the end of the night.  So they can make sure they got all the unused ballots back and all the used ballots are accounted for.  By having no stubs, you have no accountability for those ballots and it would be atrocious if they had ever used those ballots on Election Day for all the voting.  You wouldn’t know which ballots were used and which were unused.”

A LeadStories “FactCheck” from January 2021 states that:

A representative of the Fulton County elections department confirmed in an email that the boxes contained “extra Nov 3 ballots if we had to go all paper.” Doubters “can feel free to check how many were ordered and how many we still have unused.”

An official with the Georgia secretary of state’s office pointed Lead Stories to the “RULES OF THE STATE ELECTION BOARD”, which require each county to print at least enough emergency paper ballots for 10% of its registered voters.”

There was a COVID “outbreak” in the English St. warehouse that caused Fulton County to bring in Dominion Voting to conduct Logic and Accuracy tests on their own machines for $2,000 per person per day ($5000 per person per day on Election Day) for a total of $1.9 million.  The Logic and Accuracy test is the primary safeguard between receipt of the machine from a private company and the deployment for an election, so it makes little to no sense that Dominion conducted this testing.

The machines in Fulton County were “tested” before in-person voting began on October 12th, so it isn’t clear why they needed 117% (870k ordered plus the required 10% (80k) of the 808k registered voters) in addition to the hundreds of thousands of mail-ins that were sent out (and many returned).

But even more shocking, according to Thorne, they only tested 6 out of over 3,000 Ballot Marking Devices (the machine you vote on and then print the voted ballot that is read by a QR Code, not your bubbled in choice) and used those six to print ballots to test on all of the scanners.

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