University of Chicago Activists Relaunch $1 Billion Reparations Campaign

University of Chicago Activists Relaunch $1 Billion Reparations Campaign

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Following in the footsteps of their neighbors in Evanston, the first U.S city to issue slavery reparations, activists at The University of Chicago have relaunched a campaign seeking $1 billion in reparations from the university.  The activist group leading the charge is UChicago Against Displacement (UCAD.)

UCAD’s is described as follows, ” UChicago Against Displacement is an on-campus student organization that works with community members and organizations to stop the University’s active displacement of South Side residents, as well as demand specific reparations from the University.”

Writing in The Chicago Maroon, the official paper at the university, UCAD writes, “We at UChicago Against Displacement (UCAD), too, believe that the South Side is owed reparations. The University exists as a legacy of chattel slavery. Moreover, it has been an active participant in segregation, redlining, and supporting developments that work to isolate the University from its neighbors and put Southsiders at risk of displacement from their homes.”

The College Fix reports:

University of Chicago Against Displacement has not responded to multiple emails from The College Fix sent in the past few weeks that asked for more information about its demands.

However, it reportedly “demanded that the University spend $20 million annually on rental assistance and STEM programs” and “recommit to not expanding into Woodlawn or Washington Park,” according to The Chicago Maroon.

The university must also “expand its employer-assisted housing to low-income neighborhoods” and “provide $1 billion in grant funding for affordable housing, and increase transparency about University-owned land,” according to an email reviewed by the student newspaper.

The Fix contacted the university’s media relations team four times in the last two weeks for comment concerning the demands and whether the university has attempted to meet with the protestors, but no one has responded.

There have been few posts on UCAD’s social media pages since the February relaunch according to a Fix review, although a meeting was scheduled for Thursday to discuss the reparations campaign more.

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Author: Margaret Flavin