‘Unity, Ideas & Action’: Jan6 Patriot Panel Twitter Space BACK TONIGHT @8 PM EST

‘Unity, Ideas & Action’: Jan6 Patriot Panel Twitter Space BACK TONIGHT @8 PM EST

Family members of the political prisoners and advocates of the January 6 defendants will join together tonight to discuss solutions and actions pertaining to their extended political persecution.

The January 6 Patriot Panel starts at 8 pm EST on a live Twitter space broadcast that will be jam-packed with familiar faces and patriots.


This discussion is being hosted by J6 political prisoner Jake Lang and The Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe.

Join us LIVE, along with Alex Newman and Ivan Raiklin from Lindell TV and Blessed News, Jeff Crouere from Real America’s Voice & Blessed News, Cara Castronuova, Paula Calloway from Patriot Mail Project and Hoang Quan from J6Truth.org.

This Space will be professionally moderated by Phenomenology and cover the topics of J6 video investigation, fundraising & Congressional outreach.

Please tune in at 8 pm EST tonight to catch all of the action. The direct link to listen live is ____ or you can go to @JakeLangJ6 and join into this star-studded J6 Patriot Panel!

Surprise guests also will be stopping by.

The Biden regime continues to drum up hardship for the J6 political prisoners, most recently with the reinstitution of COVID lockdowns in the DC Gulag and prisons nationwide, subjecting inmates to horrendous solitary confinement.

Families of defendants politically persecuted also bear the brunt of the burden, sacrificing vital income to the legal expenses of the political prisoners. Even staying in touch with their loved ones in jail via phone calls is a financial strain.

Over the 994 days following January 6, 2021, The Gateway Pundit has reported on hundreds of instances of: fathers being ripped out of their homes, leaving behind young children and pregnant wives while terrorized by the Justice Department for their supposed “role in the Capitol riot.”

As TGP has reported, Lang is seen on footage of January lifting Phillip Anderson and Tommy Tatum off the ground as they were being trampled in a pile. Lang managed to save Anderson and Tatum’s lives, as police mercilessly beat Roseanne Boyland’s unconscious body.

While detained in the DC Gulag, Lang launched SponsorJ6.com, to fundraise for commissary and support of the families of more than 200 currently incarcerated J6 defendants.


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Author: Alicia Powe