Top progressive firm drops Sinema as a client

Top progressive firm drops Sinema as a client

The leading progressive digital firm Authentic has dropped Kyrsten Sinema as a client, after the Arizona senator announced she was leaving the Democratic Party, according to a person close to the firm.

Sinema announced Friday that she would become an independent, putting a wrinkle in Democrats’ plans for their small Senate majority.

Authentic has represented Sinema for years. But the firm saw an internal revolt over its work for the senator earlier this year as she voted against several of the Biden administration’s initiatives and refused to support revamping filibuster rules to move legislation on voting rights.

One employee wrote in a union message that the person felt that they were “doing the devil’s work.”

Authentic declined to comment. Sinema’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Author: By Hailey Fuchs