Tony Blinken, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau Fail in Attempts to Rewrite History

Tony Blinken, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau Fail in Attempts to Rewrite History

BoJo the Clown

Ignorance does not make this a wonderful world. I wish Sam Cooke was still alive to witness the recent grotesque butchering of history by Blinken, Johnson and Trudeau. He might be inspired to re-work the lyrics to his iconic song. These three clowns certainly “don’t know much about history.”

Let’s start with the disgraceful Tony Blinken. He tweeted this:

Blinken is Jewish. He should know better than to publish a libel like this. The Soviets had nothing to do with the massacre of Ukrainian Jews and Russian prisoners at the ravine outside Kiev. It was the Soviets who liberated Babyn Yar and Kiev in 1943. And it was the Soviets who tried 15 German policemen involved in the Babyn Yar massacres. What has Blinken’s panties twisted is that during the reign of the Soviet Union the monument erected on the site of the massacre described the victims and “civilians” and made no mention of them being largely Jewish. That was the decision of the Communist Soviet Union. Russia today is not a communist state.

What is so sickening about Blinken’s idiotic tweet is that he is fully supporting a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev that supports groups that want to exterminate Jews like Blinken. We are talking irony on steroids here. It is Biden and Blinken who are coddling and enabling modern day Nazis. Not Putin.

Then there is Boris Johnson, the failed amateur British historian.

During an interview with a Ukrainian propagandist, Johnson said that World War II supposedly ended as a result of negotiations between British Prime Minister Churchill and American President Roosevelt. As a result, in this global armed conflict, according to Johnson, the West, with the support of Ukraine, won.

Just goes to show that having a degree from a prestigious university like Oxford does not certify you are educated or smart. Especially Johnson, who fancies himself a scholar of Churchill. The Ukrainians who fought as part of the Soviet Union in World War II certainly played a role in securing the victory over the Nazis. But only as a part of the Soviet Union, who crushed the Germans in Berlin and forced their surrender.

Without the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom would not have prevailed in World War II. The Soviets did the most damage to Germany during the course of the war, inflicting the overwhelming number of casualties on the Wehrmacht. Not the United Kingdom. During the entire course of the war, in both European and Pacific theaters, the Brits only suffered 384,000 kia. Soviet soldiers lost twice that many dead in the Battle of Stalingrad alone. Boris Johnson is an idiot.

Justin Trudeau also earns his place in this rogue gallery of history deniers, having presided over a session of the Canadian Parliament that lauded a decrepit old man who joined the Nazi Schutzstaffel (i.e. the SS) Division in Ukraine and “fought against the Russians.” Trudeau, true to form, accepted no responsibility for this debacle and tossed the Speaker of the House under the bus. But there is no doubt that Trudeau signed off on Speaker Rota’s statement praising the old Nazi.

So what the hell is going on? Have these three always been this ignorant or did they recently take a stupid pill? No! They know exactly what they are doing — spreading the crudest propaganda designed to smear Putin and the Russian people. These are despicable lies conjured up out of desperation. Blinken, Johnson and Trudeau realize that Ukraine stands on the threshold of a military defeat at the hands of Russia and are verbally flailing, like a drowning passenger on the Titanic. Re-writing history is something despots do. That tells us all we need to know about these three clowns.

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Author: Larry Johnson