The UK Moves Closer to 1984

The UK Moves Closer to 1984

The UK Moves Closer to 1984

The UK Moves Closer to 1984

An amendment to the UK’s  ‘Online Safety Bill ‘ has been proposed, moving the country closer to the solidification of their very own ‘Ministry of Truth.’ This amendment would provide the framework to censor “legal but harmful” content posted on social media and pre-determine the accuracy of posts.

The Gateway Pundit’s has reported extensively on the danger to free speech facilitated by so-called  ‘fact checkers’ and publishes TGP Fact Check  exposing on how the government anointed arbiters of truth consistently get it wrong.

The proposed amendment is yet another step towards solidifying a ‘social credit score’ system which would silence opinions deemed ‘unacceptable’ by mandating that all social media users be given a ‘truth score’ pre-determining the accuracy of their posts.

Summit News reported:

The amendment states that any users who have “produced user-generated content,” published news or merely posted “comments” or “reviews” should be ranked by the platform in question, with a score given denoting their “historic factual accuracy.”

The rules would apply to anyone who receives a certain threshold of online views, with that figure to be determined by the UK communications regulator OFCOM.

The user’s posts would then be “displayed in a way which allows any user easily to reach an informed view of the likely factual accuracy of the content at the same time as they encounter it.”

In other words, the new law would empower far-left social media platforms, under threat of government fines, to apply ‘misinformation’ scores to the profiles of right-leaning users, with the potential that such negative labels would then impact algorithmic performance.

This would basically represent a dramatic expansion of ‘misinformation’ labels and partisan ‘fact checks’ that are already applied to individual posts, extending them to people.

The amendment was proposed by British Conservative Party lawmaker John Penrose.   Read the full bill here.

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