The Return of Donald Trump – Good for Poland Too

The Return of Donald Trump – Good for Poland Too

[NOTE FROM LARRY JOHNSON — I am not the author of this piece. It is the work of Michal Krupa, a Canadian citizen of Polish heritage who lives in Poland. I have had the privilege of appearing on Mike’s podcast.]

If his March 16th statement is anything to go by, Donald Trump has, for one, come out guns blazing at the Globalist American Empire like never before, and, two, he has highlighted important issues that are completely at odds with the current Western, Ukraine-centric narrative of “wanting to see Russia weakened”, to which many so-called conservatives have signed up to. Remember that mini gun scene from Terminator 2? Well, in terms of political rhetoric, Trump’s statement was the sure equivalent.

As I have only now read the entire transcript of the statement, it has only now dawned on me how radical Trump’s message was.

He opens his statement with the following observation: “We have never been closer to World War III than we are today under Joe Biden. A global conflict between nuclear-armed powers would mean death and destruction on a scale unmatched in human history.” Trump indicates that only new leadership can change this destructive course of action.

It would not be a stretch to point out that the same animating spirit that pushed President Kennedy to sue for peace in October 1962 is animating the current sentiments expressed by Trump. If one considers how the cabal of warmongers surrounding JFK were all in for a showdown in the Caribbean and connects this with the observations that followed Trump’s statement, one could say its “deja-vu all over again.” Trump calls for nothing less than a complete overhaul of the “State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services” to “fire the Deep Staters and put America First.” If this does not sound like an expanded version of splintering the CIA “into a thousand pieces” and scattering it in the wind, as JFK was reported as saying after the Bay of Pigs debacle, I don’t know what does. Trump is tapping into a tradition of foreign policy realism and restraint that stretches from George F. Kennan, through Senator Robert F. Taft, Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, the populists Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, the great Ron Paul, and taking it to the next level – clearly identifying the culprits and calling for their expulsion from the realm of decision making.

Talk about being unleashed.

But the essence, the “meat”, if you will, of Trump’s March 16 statement, what makes it truly radical, are the following words: “Our foreign policy establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia based on the lie that Russia represents our greatest threat. But the greatest threat to Western Civilization today is not Russia. It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves and some of the horrible, U.S.A. hating people that represent us.”

You may ask, Dear Reader, what does all this have to do with Poland? If Trump really believes what he outlined in this segment of his short address and wants to align the debate in the terms set above, he would be doing my native Poland a big favor. Not to dwell too much on the history of Polish-American relations after 1989, I would humbly submit the reader reach for John Pomfret’s excellent book From Warsaw with Love. Polish Spies, the CIA, and the Forging of an Unlikely Alliance. It’s enough to say that in his review of the book, The Washington Post’s Joseph Kanon summarized the history of the literal CIA takeover and subordination of the Polish intelligence agencies as follows: “Pomfret’s apt title is only half a joke. The Poles were prepared to do almost anything to cement the relationship.”

The word anything is the one which needs to be stressed in that observation.

Ever since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, to quote Dr. Gordon Hahn, Poland has been acting as “chief-arsonist in the region”. If the neocons have wet dreams of what a perfect policy aimed at Russia would look like, Poland, sadly, is exhibit A.

Our essentially open-border policy of flooding Poland with anyone from Ukraine since February 2022 has hit Poland with a human wave unseen in our history. As was pointed out in a policy paper last year: “With the scale of the Ukrainian presence as large as it is now, Poland is in danger of becoming a country of fractured identity and constant factional fighting along ethnic and cultural dividing lines, as is happening both in countries where historical minorities are numerous, and in countries of mass immigration adopting the model of multiculturalism.” The daily Rzeczpospolita, in a report from March 13 on criminality among immigrants residing in Poland, noted: “Last year, 12,437 foreigners (more than half were Ukrainian citizens) heard charges. In less than a month this year (through January 23) there have already been 1,648, indicating a growing trend. Statistically, per day last year, charges were announced against 34 newcomers, this year it is already 71.” The report goes on to observe that drug offenses have seen the biggest doubling – from 993 in 2020 to 2100 last year. Their possession is the second (after driving while intoxicated) of the most common offenses committed by Ukrainianshalf of all such acts involve them. This is obviously only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to other associated problems stemming from massive movement of peoples, spurred by the Western provoked the war in Ukraine. The fact that the hashtag #StopUkrainizationOfPoland was trending just w few months back is not a coincidence. When commercials on television are being run with Ukrainian subtitles, when the labor market is being flooded with cheap labor and Ukrainian/Russian is becoming the second unofficial language, heard literally everywhere, and the spokesperson of the Polish Foreign Ministry proudly claims that Polish state institutions are “servants of the Ukrainian people and their requests”, you know something is wrong.

Amid this unprecedented wave of foreigners flowing into what until recently was a tightly homogenous ethnically Poland, depletion of our military equipment, Russian nuclear weapons being currently stored in Belarus, soaring inflation, the elites in Warsaw, backed by the likes of Jake Sullivan, Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland and no doubt a whole slew of intelligence Deep State operatives – the same ones targeting Trump – are living out their dream of trying to stick it to Putin. But, as Trump has pointed out correctly, the enemy is within – in Washington, in Brussels, in Warsaw – not in Moscow.

The same entities and people, who have set a political target (hopefully only political!) on Donald Trump’s back, are the same ones manipulating the masses here and in the United States that Russia is the enemy of us all. Should Donald Trump win a second term he would take much of the wind out of the sails of the Eastern European coterie, that acts as the perfect excuse for the Deep State in Washington and military-industrial complex to justify their malign activities by saying to average Americans: see, they themselves feel threatened, we need to help them.

The Polish Government has no respect for the American taxpayer. There is no reason that men from Kansas should be risking their lives to bring about the fantasy of resurrecting a geopolitical entity from 700 years ago, this time aimed squarely at nuclear armed Russia, taking its cue from the cabal of warmongers on the Potomac.

No. As a Pole, I do not consider Russia my enemy.

American troops should not be stationed in Poland acting as outposts for neocon fantasies.

I do not consider the current corrupt regime in Kiev to be my friend.

Rainbow flags flying alongside Ukrainian flags over Poland anger me much more than Russian flags flying over Crimea or the Donbass.

We need to turn our political guns and righteous anger on the enemy within – the globalists and their willing accomplices, the advocates of our civilization’s apocalypse, especially the ones who remain conservative and patriotic in name only.

Donald Trump must be the striking hammer that decimates this godless agenda.

For the sake of peace and sanity, he must continue to hammer away at this message of hardheaded realism and peace, as well as lead by example in selecting a shadow cabinet of people dedicated to crushing any prospect of World War III. In doing so he not only champions an America First agenda, but also all that is good and true in Western Civilization – our common home.

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Author: Larry Johnson