So Much for Wonder Weapons

So Much for Wonder Weapons

Each passing day brings more grim news for Ukraine and its faltering counter offensive. It is a grisly, bloody affair for Ukraine, who is paying dearly in terms of lost men and destroyed equipment. The producer (or producers) of the following cartoon capture part of the futility:

The Europeans are showing signs of growing despair and desperation as Ukraine flaters. Joseph Borrell, the ironically titled High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, certainly appears to be toking on some powerful whacky weed based on his comment today. He has to be really high to say something this stupid:

China is a genuine geopolitical player, while Russia is an economic dwarf; it’s comparable to a gas station with a nuclear bomb in the hands of its owner.

An “economic dwarf”? Maybe Borrell is a big Disney fan and was thinking of Snow White. Watch the video and you will see a big fat Z on the dwarfs’ vault (a prescient prediction by Walt Disney perhaps?):

Those are some hard working, wealthy dwarfs. If Russia is a dwarf, what does that make Europe given that Russia’s economy — measured in terms of GDP purchasing parity power — is bigger than any country in Europe? Lilliputians?

I will leave you with this compilation of Wylie Coyote fails. An apt metaphor for Ukraine:


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Author: Larry Johnson