SHOCKER: Pennsylvania “Militia” Man Who Beheaded and Posted Video of His Federal Employee Father’s Head Online was Reported to the FBI OVER SIX MONTHS AGO!

SHOCKER: Pennsylvania “Militia” Man Who Beheaded and Posted Video of His Federal Employee Father’s Head Online was Reported to the FBI OVER SIX MONTHS AGO!

SHOCKER: Pennsylvania “Militia” Man Who Beheaded and Posted Video of His Federal Employee Father’s Head Online was Reported to the FBI OVER SIX MONTHS AGO!

Bucks County District Attorney Office

It has been discovered that a Pennsylvania man, who is now charged with beheading his father and posting a video of the gruesome act online, was reported to the FBI over six months ago.

Justin Mohn, 32, committed the murder at their family home before uploading a video to YouTube, where he held up the decapitated head of his father, a longtime federal employee.

This information raises serious questions regarding the FBI’s focus and priorities, as some critics argue the agency disproportionately focuses its surveillance and investigative efforts in prosecuting conservative groups.

Justin Mohn, 32, is charged with the heinous murder of his 68-year-old father, Michael Mohn, a long-time federal employee. The murder took place at their family home in Middleton Township. Shortly after the incident, Justin Mohn posted a deeply disturbing video on YouTube, where he was seen holding his father’s severed head and ranting against the Biden administration.

Michael Mohn (Source: Denice Kaplan Mohn/Facebook)

 In the video, Mohn declared, “This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country,” demonstrating the extreme nature of his anti-government views.

“It is said those who commit treason and betray others occupy the lowest pits of hell for all time. The federal government of America has declared war on America’s citizens and the American states. America is rotting from the inside out as far-left woke mobs rampage our once-prosperous cities, turning them into lawless zones,” he added.

The video, which was titled “Call to Arms for American Patriots,” was accessible for six hours on YouTube before being taken down. It featured Mohn, self-proclaimed “Commander” of a so-called nationwide militia group, placing a bounty on the heads of several top government officials and calling for a rebellion against the Biden regime.

“I am issuing a $1 million bounty on the following individuals, alive or half a million dollars dead: FBI Director Chris Ray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, ex-Attorney General Bill Barr, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts,” he said.

“If I am captured or killed, do not give up. This is America and our freedoms we are fighting for. This is our children’s futures we are fighting for. Joe Biden is no longer in power. I am now officially the acting president of America under martial law. If Joe Biden does not abdicate, then capture him and bring him to me.”

“Our federal employee and are listening to this message. Now is your last chance to resign from the side of the traders and join your countrymen in taking back your country, or else this is your fate,” he said in the video.

“I urge the US Postal Service to suspend their services at this time, split from the federal government, and join your country, or else I cannot offer federal postal workers any protection. If the media begins to spread lies about this revolution and its patriots, then I authorize the targeting of news stations and their owners and employees as well. The hunting, capturing, and killing of America’s federal employees will not stop until Americans demands are met.”

Mohn has issued a series of demands (verbatim):

  • Resignation of all current non-military federal employees.
  • Abdication of Joe Biden and his cabinet from the White House.
  • Cancellation of the outstanding public debt as unconstitutional.
  • Ending of the Federal Reserve and restoration of Congress’s right to print interest-free money.
  • Closing of America’s borders to illegal immigrants and mass deportation of illegal immigrants who entered under the Biden regime.
  • Ceasing of any human trafficking, specifically involving children and sex slaves.
  • Ceasing of all woke and gender ideology propaganda in schools and other public places.
  • Capturing and torturing of federal employees and their associates will continue until the entire network of America’s traitors is identified and completely wiped out.
  • This includes bribed members of the deep state, labor racketeers of the prison industrial complex, and globalist leaders of assorted industries, namely tax-evading big tech companies.
Source: Justin Mohn/Facebook

Mohn was arrested Tuesday evening after police discovered the decapitated body of his father in the family home. The shocking event has also cast a light on the family dynamics, with Mohn living at the residence with his mother, Denice, brother, Zachary, and sister, Stephanie.

Phillyburbs detailed the police’s discovery and the subsequent arrest of Mohn, who was taken into custody in Fort Indian Gap, Pennsylvania. Police Chief Joe Bartorilla indicated that Mohn was well known in the community and that there had been signs of psychological issues.

The Unified Judicial System Portal lists the charges against Justin Mohn, including first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possession of an instrument of a crime with intent.

However, the case took an even darker turn when it was disclosed that Mohn had been reported to the FBI in July 2023. An anonymous 4chan user had detailed troubling interactions with Mohn and mentioned reporting him to the authorities, with the post being archived on

The anonymous post described Mohn’s erratic behavior, unsuccessful lawsuits, and his self-published works, which included troubling references to a violent revolution. Mohn’s past behavior and online posts pointed to a man struggling with delusions of grandeur and significant resentment toward society.

Donald Trump Jr., responded on this finding, stating, ““He was on our radar” but of course the FBI was too busy classifying Catholics as domestic terrorists along with the other truly dangerous terrorists who went to PTA meetings to complain about radical leftist teacher’s indoctrinating their kids! Every F$&@ing time folks!”

Read the thread from

For those who need a break from the madness and just want to enjoy some good old fashioned cringe…

Meet Justin Mohn,

Justin graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s in Agribusiness Management.

Justin moved out to Colorado to work for the insurance company, Progressive. He would have a bad time in new-employee orientation, claiming his female coworkers graduated from this onboarding academy before him, and he was “overqualified and overeducated” for such a “low tier position as a customer service representative”.

In response to being denied early graduation, or a transfer to a real department like IT, he writes this to his HR department:

“I now expect to be put on a faster pace of promotions than others, or be placed in a fitting position as soon as possible…rather than allowing the situation to escalate.” Mohn warned that if he was terminated or “forced into constructive discharge,” it would “result in immediate legal actions and would include me using my publishing capability to publicly reveal Progressive’s violations of its core values as well as civil rights or labor law violations.”

He also kicked a door at some point, resulting in paid leave of absence and an investigation that led to his termination.

You can read this lawsuit here:

He mentioned “my publishing capability” in his HR email. What does he mean by this? Well it turns out Justin has written a few “books”.

One example:

My favorite, a 30 page document that he “compares to Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’:

With such memorable and thought provoking insight like:

“Paradoxically, this author would not be writing this pamphlet if he did not have this experience in Colorado and observe other activity which should not be glorified in this pamphlet such as the types of people who are allowed to work and who get promoted to lofty roles with higher pay grades yet less work in America’s labor rackets. Paradoxically, the reader may not consider taking action until they too experience what this author experienced, likely making it too late for them to take action against this takeover of America due to financial crippling or else imprisonment, starvation, or death as is intended by these labor rackets and regime.” -IQ check = 89

All up and coming stars know they also need a music career. Have a 20 second listen to this masterpiece:

That’s one song of 13. He has multiple “albums”.

But wait, there’s more!

Like any normal person, he attempted to sue the Department of Education for “alleging that they negligently and fraudulently induced him to borrow money to pay for his education without sufficiently warning him of the possibility that he would face a difficult job market and could be unable to pay back his loan”. He also cited that being an “overeducated, white male” had meant employers used affirmative action against him.

He did not win that one. You can read the case here:

So what is Justin up to now? Recruiting people in “Mohn’s Militia”! By that, I mean making posts on reddit firearm and military subs for people to join his 1 person militia.

He also tried joining multiple firearm community discords to recruit for this militia, getting upset when told these communities are for people just trying to larp and grill

So in summary: one man’s bad case of ‘main character syndrome’ mixed with a Messiah Complex results in what you see here.

Reported to the FBI just in case.


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