Science: ‘Long COVID’ Risks Exaggerated by Absence of Control Groups Causing ‘Distortion of Risk’

Science: ‘Long COVID’ Risks Exaggerated by Absence of Control Groups Causing ‘Distortion of Risk’

pictured: flawed and faulty

The ‘science has spoken’: those previous ‘scientific’ studies about long COVID were flawed and unreliable.


‘Experts’ previously said ‘long COVID’ could kill for up to two years.

Now, ‘experts’ are saying the long COVID risk has been distorted by flawed research.

Here is the study, and here is a paraphrase of the key findings:

  • Existing research on long COVID has suffered from overly broad case definitions and an absence of control groups, which have led to distortion of risk.

  • The consequences are increased societal anxiety and healthcare spending, a failure to diagnose other treatable conditions misdiagnosed as long COVID and diversion of funds and attention from those who truly suffer from chronic conditions secondary to COVID-19.

  • Future research should include proper control groups, sufficient follow-up time after infection and internationally-established diagnostic or inclusion and exclusion criteria.

The COVID regime lied about the origin of the WuFlu, lied about ‘social distancing’, lied about ‘contact tracing’, lied about the efficiacy of masking, lied about the shutdowns and rationing of care, lied about vaccine mandates, and lied about the likely length and duration of the crisis, among other lies.

remember when the experts told us the virus came from bat soup at the Wuhan wet market?

Now they were overstating the risks of ‘long COVID’ because they failed to conduct basic scientific research.

The politicized and money and power-driven ‘research’ was flawed and faulty.

Here’s what Fauci’s National Institute of Health said were the likely symptoms of ‘long COVID’:

“The most common symptoms of long COVID syndrome were fatigue, exercise intolerance, walking intolerance, muscle pain, and shortness of breath.”

Many suspected that ‘long COVID’ was just a cover story for chronically-ill and unhealthy leftists to apply for extended, and seemingly endless, unemployment benefits.

Hospitals were also highly incentivized to diagnose a patient with COVID over other health problems. A claim that even the fact checkers had to admit was true, but said it was ‘unlikely’ that hospitals would commit fraud when they stood to benefit from millions of dollars in federal money.

The claim was that 20% of COVID patients would get “long COVID.”

The reality and political agenda of COVID never matched up. Rather it fit the mindset of leftists to constantly fearmonger about the threat from COVID so that they could aggrandize more political and social power.

This is the group of ‘experts’ that threw autistic kids out of Disneyworld and shut down airlines because toddlers having an asthma attack wouldn’t wear a single mask above their nose or that their 2 year old wasn’t properly masking on the airplane. College graduations, if held at all, were held outside where everyone had to ‘socially distance’ and mask up.

The CDC is still pimping for long COVID.

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Author: Benjamin Wetmore