Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans For Dystopian “Linear” City That Will Cram 9 Million People Into a Giant 109-Mile-Long Mirrored Wall (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans For Dystopian “Linear” City That Will Cram 9 Million People Into a Giant 109-Mile-Long Mirrored Wall (VIDEO)

As if the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 wasn’t bad enough already – eating bugs, living in pods, medical tyranny, an international surveillance state, etc. etc… the architects of the Great Reset have now unveiled how they plan to deal with the millions of “useless eaters” who will inevitably be needed to sustain the dystopian cities of the future.

Their solution? Cram them all into a giant wall.

Yes… really. Despite the inherent evils of walls – especially those that denote the borders of a country – cities of the future are being designed as linear structures in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the inhabitants.

This week, Saudi Arabia unveiled its plans for a new futuristic city that will house 9 million people within a massive 1,500ft high, 109-mile-long mirrored wall in the middle of the desert. To put that in perspective, the reflective eyesore will be taller than the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower once it is completed.

A promotional video was released on Monday touting the advanced city as “the future” of civilization due to its “revolutionary” design and reduced economic footprint. It will be located in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert along “key global trade routes,” and developers boast that it will have a year-round temperate climate because of its open ventilation and supposed sustainable renewable energy production.

The video caused immediate backlash online from both sides, with many calling the project ‘hellish’ and ‘dystopian;’ however, some found humor in the hypocritical solution. Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire retweeted the video, calling the idea Nobel-Prize-worthy because – if deployed correctly – it could solve more than just one issue.

From Knowles:

“Saudi Arabia figured out a way to cram all the city-dwelling libs into a giant wall that they never have to leave and convinced them it’s really cool and progressive.

If we can build it on the southern border, Mohammad bin Salman deserves a Nobel Prize.”

If only it were that simple.

Despite the jokes, the video makes clear that this is a serious project. “A revolution in civilization is taking place,” the narrator explains.

The new “linear city,” dubbed ‘Neom’ by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, will be outfitted with the most advanced technology available, including vertical farms, facial recognition, zero-emission transportation, cloud seeding, and other programs that are in development. The city will apparently even feature some chilling dystopian extras like robot cage fights and a fake moon.

And, of course, everything will be run by “advanced AI.”

The Wall Street Journal also uncovered some additional details from leaked internal documents, many of which sound like a total long shot at ever becoming a reality. There are plans to “autonomously harvest and bundle” produce from community farms” and build “a high-speed train [that] will run under the mirrored buildings.” There will also be a stadium “1,000 feet above the ground,” and there are plans to build a marina underneath the city.

Even though the giant structure looks like a continuous wall, ‘The Line’ will eventually be comprised of two huge parallel buildings that are connected to each other.

Unsurprisingly, people will be crammed into small living quarters that are “organized in 3 dimensions” and grouped together in what the project calls “unique communities.” Each one of these sections will house its own shopping center, medical services, food districts, recreation centers, and communal work sites. If individuals ever need to move between sections, residents of the dystopian city will reportedly be able to travel from one end of the wall to the other in 20 minutes using the linear city’s zero-emissions public transportation system.

The project’s developers tout that residents will be able to access everything they need within a five-minute walk from their pods homes. It seems that nobody in ‘Neom’ will own their own car.


While the dystopian project seems farfetched and some are questioning if it will ever come to fruition, there is a good chance that it will be built as MBS views the project to be his “legacy.” The Saudi Crown Prince is so enamored with the linear city that he called it his version of Egypt’s “pyramids,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The only thing that will seemingly stop the project from being completed at this point is a failure in the technology.

Plus, the project likely has the WEF-Klaus Schwab stamp of approval, as MBS is deeply aligned with the globalist organization. Back in January, he spoke at the WEF conference as a special guest and has met with WEF leadership numerous times over the past few years. He has also signaled his support of the WEF’s Vision 2030 – a subsection of Agenda 2030.

In all, MBS has reportedly budgeted a whopping $500 billion for the development of ‘Neom’ already – and, as mentioned above, he is determined to see this through.

Only time will tell if the seemingly over-ambitious project will be completed.

A second promotional video for the linear city was also released on Monday. Watch below:

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Author: Julian Conradson