Russian Missile Strike in Kramatorsk, Ukraine Kills DOZENS of Ukrainian Officers and Soldiers, And as Many as TWENTY Mercenaries From NATO Countries

Russian Missile Strike in Kramatorsk, Ukraine Kills DOZENS of Ukrainian Officers and Soldiers, And as Many as TWENTY Mercenaries From NATO Countries

On June 27th, a Russian missile attack struck the Ukrainian rear, in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Republic (Ex-Ukraine). Unlike most attacks in this war, this one quickly yielded a great amount of videos and pictures.

Ukrainians protested the ‘attack on civilian targets’ – but it soon surfaced that foreign mercenaries fighting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are mainly based in Kramatorsk, and that the strike targeted the temporary location of Ukraine’s 56th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade in Kramatorsk.

Let’s try to follow the events as told by Russian Telegram channels.

Watch video:

The first minutes after the missile attack on Kramatorsk. Among the victims are foreigners.

‘Foreigners’ in Kramatorsk close to the frontline where there are arrivals on a daily basis…

And some ‘foreigners’ decided to go to there, close to the frontlines and look, video of them represented as victims…

Very rare to find video of arrivals but somehow videos from the arrivals in Kramatorsk appeared today.”

Columnist Boris Rozhin wrote:

According to unverified reports, a group of Ukrainian officers in Kramatorsk was targeted in a rocket attack near the Kramatorsk hotel. There are suspicions of the presence of foreign mercenaries, but this information requires confirmation. […] On social media, there is a growing concern (slight hysteria) regarding the source of the leaked information about the meeting.”

US Army Ranger 2rd Battalion tattoo.

“In Kramatorsk, English-speaking ‘tourists’ are found outside the building that came under fire. Judging by the tattoo, one of them is a veteran of the US Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion.”

US planes over Romanian air space.

Increased activity by US army aircraft in Romanian airspace is observed. Preparations for the evacuation of wounded mercenaries in Kramatorsk are not ruled out.”

Another suspected mercenary.

Attack on ‘residential buildings‘ in Kramatorsk…

‘Jesus Christ, this is where we always ate our dinners…’

[…] In his Instagram, the mercenary Alex Galant, howling on the side of the AFU, posted a story in which he lamented the destruction of their daily lunch place.”

Slaviangrad channel comes to a conclusion: It’s now clear why so many Ukrainian military personnel were thrown in to clear the rubble – it’s the bosses who have been hit!”

“Mercs [mercenaries] are a walking target for any army. As a journalist, unless you are embedded into their unit, you generally wouldn’t be eating with them.”

Watch Video:

“‘Look what these bastards are doing to the country. There are soldiers under the rubble all around’.

In Kramatorsk, an English speaker is reporting from the place of the missile strike on foreign mercenaries.

Apparently the ‘tourist’ is stating the quiet part out loud…and forgot about the camera recording him…

[…] Apparently the Brits forgot to be told that there were only babies there.”

Soon the Russian authorities weighed in on the attack:

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that as a result of yesterday’s powerful missile attack on Kramatorsk, the stationing point of the commanders of the 56th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed. According to various reports from the field, several dozen officers died plus an unspecified number of foreign mercenaries.”

Australian pro-Russia journalist Aussie Cossack has an interesting take on the tragedy:

Take a moment to appreciate that Russians are humane and do not conduct a 2nd follow up missile strike on survivors as the Ukrainian regime has been doing for the past 9 years against civilians in Donbass.”

Also, the claim that civilians were targeted is disputed by the following reasoning:

“In the videos, only Ukrainian and English can be heard. Not Russian. […] Kramatorsk locals simply do not speak Ukrainian. This is a Russian-speaking city and always has been. Draw your conclusions.”

In an interview with Garland Nixon, the former UN inspector for weapons of mass destruction and ex-US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter confirmed that Russian troops eliminated the American mercenaries who arrived there.

“The target that was hit in Kramatorsk. […] Garland, there was a whole bunch of American military personnel there, a huge amount.”

Ritter stated that among the Americans liquidated by the Russian Aerospace Forces were both military advisers and combatants.

And the estimated number of targeted soldiers was finally divulged by Russian MoD:

According to a statement from the Russian Defence Ministry, a pizzeria in Kramatorsk near the Kramatorsk hotel on a strike on 27 June were destroyed: 2 AFU generals/Up to 50 officers of the AFU/Up to 20 foreign mercenaries and advisers.”

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Author: Paul Serran