Retired General Hodges Is Lost In Fantasy Land When It Comes To Ukraine

Retired General Hodges Is Lost In Fantasy Land When It Comes To Ukraine

Ben Hodges was not a good general and he is doing an even worse job as a pundit in his dotage. Ignore his “Pillsbury” doughboy demeanor. He can’t help that he is starting to look like his Aunt Mildred as he ages (just one of the consequences of losing testosterone and eating too much pudding). At least Jack Keane looks and sounds like a guy who once was a general. But Hodges cannot be excused for being a blind, partisan cheerleader when it comes to discussing the war in Ukraine. His weak-minded, shallow analysis reflects poorly on his prior education and his failure to comprehend concepts such as strategy, tactics and order of battle. To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon.”

This guy really believes that Russia is getting whipped on the battlefield and Ukraine is triumphing. For example, he practically soils himself on camera while extolling the tremendous Ukrainian “victory” in striking the Headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol. He neglected to mention that Russia retaliated by hitting Kremenchug Airport — the launch site for the cruise missile strike on Crimea-Sevastopol — with a barrage of cruise missiles. No air raid warning was issued. It is presumed that low-observable Kh-50 cruise missiles were utilized. According to a report out of Turkey, the strike destroyed SCALP and Storm Shadow missiles as well as some Su-24M/MR bombers used to attack Sevastopol.

Anyway, fair warning. You will be tempted to poke your eyes out as you watch Hodges take incompetence to a new low.

The Biden team decided to display their gymnastics talents today by doing a complete double twisted reverse back flip on ATACM missiles. Biden decided to send some after all. Just another self-inflicted wound. Biden’s failure to announce this yesterday generated headlines and reports like the one above about the U.S. rebuff of Zelensky’s plea for ATACMs. The eventual arrival of ATACMs in Ukraine means only one thing — the risk of escalation by Russia increases substantially. Putin is on the record that Russia will strike at those countries supplying weapons used to attack Russia.

I discussed this and some other issues with Stephen Gardner and with Judge Napolitano and Ray McGovern. Enjoy.


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Author: Larry Johnson