Professor Tells the Truth About Radical Campus Protesters: ‘They Want America Destroyed’ (VIDEO)

Professor Tells the Truth About Radical Campus Protesters: ‘They Want America Destroyed’ (VIDEO)

A professor from the City University of New York (CUNY) recently triggered a group of campus radicals by simply waving an American flag at them.

His conclusion after observing these incidents is that what the protesters really want is the destruction of America and he is speaking out about it.

It’s obvious to many that the current round of radical protests look an awful lot like the tactics of Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. That is not a coincidence.


Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

The Jerusalem Post picked up the story late yesterday, noting some of the reactions to Lax’s pro-American response to their protests. It’s not that they didn’t want the American flag intruding on their messaging, but that it appeared to have enraged the protesters more. According to Lax, they called it a “fascist symbol” and a “Nazi flag,” while calling for violence against Lax. After his counterprotest, activists in the Kingsborough Community College Muslim Student Association (which had organized the CUNY protest in the video) identified him and called for Lax to be targeted for protests — along with other “Zionist staff.”

Lax has a pretty clear view of the endgame for these protests and tactics. Their real goal has much less to do with Gaza and the West Bank; their targets are much closer. This is all about The Revolution here, and the throwing down of the American flag on a permanent basis:

“I’m an American, and these people hate America,” said Lax. “I want to protect my country and stand up for my country.” …

THE DEMANDS called for the expulsion of the New York Police Department from all CUNY campuses, the end of all association with the CIA and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps-ROTC, the removal of all US symbols from campus, and rename buildings after figures like Black Liberation Army convicted murderer Assata Shakur. Lastly, the activists demanded free tuition and for CUNY not to be “beholden to Zionist and imperialist private donors.”

Lax said that the demands aspired toward undermining American institutions in the campus, city, and country. The reason that the protests often blocked bridges and arteries was to destroy American infrastructure and way of life.“They want America destroyed,” said the professor.

The professor elaborates here:

We need more people in academia to stand up and speak out like this professor.

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Author: Mike LaChance