Prince Andrew Met Epstein While He Was Under House Arrest, Reveal Court Documents Contradicting His Claims

Prince Andrew Met Epstein While He Was Under House Arrest, Reveal Court Documents Contradicting His Claims

New evidence refutes claims by Prince Andrew, left, that he only saw Jeffrey Epstein once after his first imprisonment.

Emails made public as part of a lawsuit by the Virgin Islands against JP Morgan Chase are undercutting a claim from Prince Andrew that he only saw convicted pedophile and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein once after Epstein’s conviction.

In 2019, Andrew told a BBC interviewer on the show “Newsnight” that the only time he saw Epstein after Epstein was released from jail after being convicted in a Florida case was in December 2010, to break off the friendship.

Epstein died in 2019 in federal custody while facing sex trafficking charges. His death was ruled a suicide.

However, in an email Epstein sent on June 14, 2010, to Jes Staley, Epstein’s contact at JP Morgan Chase, he wrote, “Andrew just sat next to me at dinner. We will try to connect this week. Any word on M? This is fun,” according to the Daily Mirror. The reference to “M” remains obscure.

At the time, the publication noted, Epstein was still under house arrest at his Florida residence.

Court papers reveal further contacts, according to the Mirror.

On April 15, 2010, Epstein wrote to Prince Andrew that “jes staley will be in London on Thurs the 22. I think you should meet if you are in town.”

The court papers said the prince replied, “that he is unavailable but will look to visit New York in the near future.”

In September 2010, Epstein wrote Staley that he was “about to connect with Andrew,” according to the Independent, citing the same trove of court documents as the Mirror.

A February 2011 email from Epstein to Staley said Andrew was asking about Staley’s “London schedule,” it wrote.

According to the Daily Mail, December 2010 was the time Andrew was trying to gain Epstein’s help to pull together $200 million to finance an energy company.

The Mail said that a court document says, “On December 2, 2010, Jeffrey Epstein forwards an email to Staley from Prince Andrew with an inquiry the Prince received from Aria Petroleum looking for a $200m working capital line. Since the company is based in the US, Prince Andrew appeared to suggest Epstein connect them with a US bank.”

Norman Baker, a former British Cabinet minister, told the Mail, “Andrew’s case that he flew over to America to break up relations with Jeffrey Epstein was threadbare at best. Now it’s been shot through to pieces.”

The Mirror quoted a victim of Epstein it did not name as expressing outrage over the revelation.

“Andrew’s story of why he saw Jeffrey after his sentence was served was always dubious. But other than being accused of abusing Virginia [Giuffre], this is the most damning allegation yet. Evidence shows Andrew visited Jeff while serving his sentence under house arrest,” the unnamed victim was quoted as saying.

“The Prince must have thought his secrets were safe after Jeffrey died, but now he is being haunted from beyond the grave. The Feds should listen,” the victim said.

Spencer Kuvin, an attorney for three of Epstein’s victims, said Andrew’s actions have created “embarrassment upon the royals. The King should seek to distance himself further from his brother.”

“As an advocate for the victims of Epstein, I am deeply disgusted by the [behavior] of Andrew. His actions have shown a complete disregard for the victims and a complete lack of decency,” he said.

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Author: Jack Davis, The Western Journal