POLL: Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline is Real

POLL: Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline is Real

New polling from Rasmussen Reports finds that a majority of likely voters believes that Joe Biden’s mental decline is real.

Democrats and the media have tried so hard to gaslight the public into believing that Biden is perfectly fine and functions perfectly – when he is behind closed doors and no cameras are rolling. They would actually have you believe that Biden only seems to malfunction when you can see and hear him.

The problem for the left is that people are not stupid. People can see Biden and they know he is in decline because it’s obvious to even the most casual observer.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Voters agree: ‘Biden’s mental decline is real’

President Joe Biden‘s awkward appearance at Monday night’s Juneteenth jive at the White House may help reinforce new polling on the concerns voters have that he is in swift decline.

Standing stiffly in a lineup of aides and key black leaders clapping and dancing to music on the South Lawn, Biden demonstrated what Rasmussen Reports found in its latest polling of likely voters.

“Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline Is Real,” the outlet headlined in its latest survey.

Biden’s health is increasingly being charted by social media accounts capturing his slurring speech and frequent fumbles of fact. The latest trend has been to compare his speeches from a few years ago to today.

In its poll, Rasmussen found that 57% believe Biden is losing his mental edge. Even a third of Democrats agreed that “President Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp,” as did half of Hispanic and black voters.

You would have to be blind to not notice Biden’s issues.

Back in 2017, Democrats and the media repeatedly invoked the 25th Amendment, claiming that Trump had mental issues and was unfit to hold office. Now the same people defend an obviously impaired Biden. It’s amazing.

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Author: Mike LaChance