Peter Sweden: UNREAL-They Revealed SECRET Geo-Engineering Project

Peter Sweden: UNREAL-They Revealed SECRET Geo-Engineering Project

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This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

What if I told you that there was an actual CONSPIRACY going on?

A research experiment that they kept hidden from the public because they were afraid of a backlash.

Because that is exactly what has been going on.

And keep reading to the end, because you will never be able to guess who has been involved in this project…

From the deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the San Francisco Bay, researchers from the University of Washington LAUNCHED trillions of salt particles into the atmosphere with the intent of blocking out the sunlight from earth.

This is all being done in the name of stopping global warming of course!

They say that the organizers didn’t widely announce this experiment to “avoid public backlash”.

“The idea of interfering with nature is so contentious, organizers of Tuesday’s test kept the details tightly held, concerned that critics would try to stop them,” the New York Times wrote.

In other words, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It is by the very definition a conspiracy fact. They conspired to keep this experiment secret.

No wonder they tried to keep it secret, because I think most people wouldn’t be happy to know that people are trying to modify the weather and block the sunlight.

They are using specially built sprayers to shoot trillions of salt crystals into the sky, trying to increase the density and reflective capacity of clouds.

And this isn’t anything new. A company called Make Sunsets launched a weather balloon to release TOXIC sulfur dioxide into the air to block the sun.

The idea is that they will block the sun and thus decrease the temperature on earth. This is a terrible idea.

In Sweden we had the COLDEST January night of the century. It was -48,8C in Arjeplog. I do not really want it to get any colder – Thank you!

The state of Tennessee recently voted to BAN geo-engineering in the state. They were ridiculed by the mainstream media for it, because that was more or less just a “conspiracy theory”.

What kind of unintended consequences could it have if we sprayed chemicals into the air to block the sun? What if it caused a global cooling episode where we got an ice age? This is dangerous.

Even Greenpeace is skeptical of the idea of solar geo-engineering, saying that the consequences of this would be hard to predict.

None other than Bill Gates of course.

A silicon valley engineer who had previously worked at Xerox and developed a nozzle to spray ink particles for printers, was now asked to develop a nozzle to spray sea salt aerosols.

All the way back in 2009, this engineer received a $300,000 investment from Bill gates to work on developing this. A team worked on this sprayer and it was ready last year.

So there we have it.

A project that began with investment from Bill Gates were now out spraying particles into the atmosphere with the goal of blocking sunlight to stop climate change.

And they did it in secret to avoid public backlash.


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