Pervert Hunter Biden Claims Obsession With His Junk is Because of ‘Body Dysmorphia’

Pervert Hunter Biden Claims Obsession With His Junk is Because of ‘Body Dysmorphia’

The smartest guy Joe Biden knows….

Hunter Biden’s frequent need to video tape and photograph himself naked has resulted in most of America becoming far too familiar with his private parts.

Whether it is riding a waterslide naked with a prostitute or videotaping himself naked with a crack pipe while in ‘rehab’, it is clear that no one enjoys a naked Hunter Biden more than Hunter himself.

Biden’s search history on his Pornhub account , in addition to revealing  disturbing searches including incest fantasies,  revealed repeated google searches of himself.

And no one should be shocked that Hunter Biden’s laptop password was “analfuck69” according to Delaware computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac.

In, perhaps, an effort to try to distance himself from his sick behavior, Biden claims that his obsession with his junk is because of ‘body dysmorphia.’

The New York Post shared a rambling diatribe from his infamous hard drive.

Hunter Biden said his obsession with naked selfies was a result of “body dysmorphia,” according to a rambling screed found in the notes of his hard drive.

“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big. It may sound funny to you but its [sic] body dysmorphia … I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average man’s penis,” the first son wrote on July 12, 2018. The note was found in the hard drive of a laptop Biden left at a Delaware computer store in April 2019.

In addition to his web of shady overseas business dealings, one of the most recurring and consistent themes in the abandoned laptop are homemade pornography, selfies in varying states of undress, drug use, and images he took of his manhood in various states of arousal.

According to Johns Hopkins:

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental health problem. If you have BDD, you may be so upset about the appearance of your body that it gets in the way of your ability to live normally. Many of us have what we think are flaws in our appearance. But if you have BDD, your reaction to this “flaw” may become overwhelming.

You may find that negative thoughts about your body are hard to control. You may even spend hours each day worrying about how you look. Your thinking can become so negative and persistent, you may think about suicide at times.



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