OP-ED: Ready to Fight the Good Fight by America First Candidate for Utah Attorney General Trent Christensen

OP-ED: Ready to Fight the Good Fight by America First Candidate for Utah Attorney General Trent Christensen

The Utah State GOP Nominating Convention will be held on Saturday, where State GOP Delegates will decide who is eligible for the June primary and the November general election.

Trent Christensen told The Gateway Pundit, “One Day 1, my administration will begin an investigation into every aspect of Utah’s electoral system. We will look into the ballots and the mail-in ballots; we will test the voting machines; we will interview the country clerks and their staffs; we will investigate the voter rolls. We will also work with the State Legislature to change the laws as needed and ensure that Utah’s elections are, in fact, the safest and most secure elections in the country.”

Guest post by Utah Attorney General Candidate Trent Christensen:

The tactics currently being used against President Trump—arresting and indicting him, and his lawyers, and his advisors, and his supporters, etc.—show the desperation of the left.  But it would be a mistake to think those tactics are reserved only for the liberal left in the D.C. Swamp. The cowardly tactics of personal destruction used to win elections at all costs have spread, and are being used now even by those who claim to be on the right.

It’s happening here in “red state” Utah.

Last year, a coordinated attack was made against our Attorney General. It was a two-sided attack, with open, brazen, and spurious legal actions taken against him on the one hand; and,additional threats of ongoing attacks against him and his office being made behind closed doors. Now, after the Attorney General declined to run for re-election, some would want to brush this under the rug and move on. I, for one, believe that the fight is far from over.

The Republican State Convention happens this Saturday, April 27, where the Republican State Delegates will make their voices heard. This will not be a normal convention—it’s impact will have national ramifications. The votes of the delegates will not only decide who advances to the Primary, their voices will demonstrate whether the same tactics being used against our former (and hopefully future) President will be condoned here in Utah.

Will we allow it? The lawfare and the intimidation? Will we bow to the pressure and the propaganda, slick ads paid for by those who prefer the Governor have a hand-picked Attorney General, rather than a check against his power and an ally to President Trump?

Or will we stand up and vote to drain the Salt Lake Swamp, to save both our state and our country?

Make no mistake, our new Attorney General must be willing and ready to stand up and fight alongside President Trump. Utah has critical issues that the next Attorney General must contend with, issues with Utah’s election integrity, supporting law enforcement, securing Utah’s borderfrom the invasion of illegal aliens, crushing the fentanyl trade, fighting to protect and reclaim our lands from the federal government, and many others.

At the same time, President Trump will need the support of those Attorneys General who will actively, and gladly, push back on all the liberal, unconstitutional, and oftentimes insane policies enacted over the last four years. We have several such Attorneys General already around the country. We need more.

President Trump will only have four more years to enact his America First agenda, and to dismantle the liberal policies currently destroying this country. I am ready to fight this fight with him on Day 1.  Sign me up, and let’s Make Utah and America Great Again!

With gratitude,

Trent Christensen

America First Candidate for Utah Attorney General

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