NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It

NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It

John Brennan promising to bring stability to Ukraine while at the same time constructing spy outposts in the country.

On Sunday, The New York Times published a rare US admission that US intelligence has not only been instrumental in Ukraine’s wartime decision-making but has established and financed high-tech command-and-control spy centers and was doing so long prior to the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of two years ago.

According to Zero Hedge, The New York Times admitted that the program was established a decade ago and spans three different American presidents. The Times says the CIA program to modernize Ukraine’s intelligence services has “transformed” the former Soviet state and its capabilities into “Washington’s most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today.”

Zero Hedge reported:

This means that with the disclosure of the longtime “closely guarded secret” the world just got a big step closer to WW3, given it means the CIA is largely responsible for the effectiveness of the recent spate of attacks which have included direct drone hits on key oil refineries and energy infrastructure.

“Without them [the CIA and elite commandoes it’s trained], there would have been no way for us to resist the Russians, or to beat them,” according to Ivan Bakanov, former head of the SBU, which is Ukraine’s domestic intelligence agency.

A main source of the NYT revelationsdisclosures which might come as no surprise to those never willing to so easily swallow the mainstream ‘official’ narrative of eventsis identified as a top intelligence commander named Gen. Serhii Dvoretskiy.

Clearly, Kiev and Washington now want the world to know of the deep intelligence relationship they tried to conceal for over the past decade.

Kanekoa the Great posted this viral report earlier today on X.

The New York Times disclosed yesterday that the CIA built “12 Secret Spy Bases” in Ukraine, waging a shadow war against Russia for the past decade.

After a U.S.-supported violent coup toppled Ukraine’s democratically elected government, CIA Director John Brennan visited Kyiv in April 2014.

Shortly after, the new Ukrainian government launched an “anti-terror operation” against its Russian-speaking citizens in Eastern Ukraine.

For eight years leading up to Russia’s invasion in 2022, Ukraine’s government, with help from the CIA, relentlessly bombed Eastern Ukraine.

Millions of innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire of a geopolitical chess match between Russia and the United States.

This is part of the story often ignored by the Western press.

Of course, at The Gateway Pundit reported, the US also had biolabs in Ukraine until recently.

Russian Defence Ministry briefing showing US-sponsored biolabs on Ukraininan territory. Photo : Russian Ministry of Defence

It wasn’t that long ago that Mitt Romney was threatening former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for suggesting the US was funding biolabs in Ukraine.

Back in March 2022, RINO Senator Mitt Romney accused former Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of spreading ‘treasonous lies’ for simply talking about the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

“There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release and spread deadly pathogens to US/world.” Gabbard Told FOX News earlier that week.

“We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured and pathogens destroyed,” she added.


Tulsi Gabbard made her statement based on testimony from the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in Eurasia, Victoria Nuland.

Victoria Nuland admitted during testimony before a US Senate committee the existence of biological research labs in Ukraine.

Less than 24 hours later, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that reports of biolabs in Ukraine were fake news propagated by Russia.

The Democrat-fake news-media complex then attacked anyone who brought up the biolabs in Ukraine.

Mitt Romney lashed out at Tulsi Gabbard, saying, “Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.”

Then this happened– Russia released alleged captured documents from Ukraine exposing evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia made the accusations in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

Breaking: Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents Before UN Special Council Meeting Exposing Evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Now this–

The Pentagon then finally admitted in a public statement that there are 46 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

This is after months of lies and denials by Democrats, the Biden regime, and their fake news mainstream media!

The Pentagon FINALLY came clean.

The United States has also worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biological safety, security, and disease surveillance for both human and animal health, providing support to 46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites over the last two decades. The collaborative programs have focused on improving public health and agricultural safety measures at the nexus of nonproliferation.

Here is a screengrab from the US Department of Defense website.

The US intelligence services have been operating in Ukraine for years now.

Via DC Draino.

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Author: Jim Hoft