NPR Senior Editor Suspended After Attacking the Network’s Bias Coverage

NPR Senior Editor Suspended After Attacking the Network’s Bias Coverage

Source: Uri Berliner/NPR

National Public Radio (NPR) has suspended its senior business editor Uri Berliner following remarks he made accusing the network of partisan reporting, particularly concerning its coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

NPR is a liberal organization. Everyone knows this. What you may not know is that after Trump won the 2016 election, they went from liberal to full-on activist with a mission to damage Trump as much as possible.

Berliner, in an explosive interview with journalist Bari Weiss on her podcast ‘Honestly,’ criticized the organization’s editorial standards, saying that they were skewed against former President Donald Trump.

In the interview, Berliner expressed his concerns about the network’s journalistic integrity, highlighting the disparate treatment of news stories depending on their political implications:

“Here was a president who, you know, I believed was belligerent and Ill-informed and not a good person by any standard measure of decency. But I think we developed a different standard of coverage for Trump than any other politician. And I think that that led us to serious problems in our coverage. I mean one of them was not so much about Trump but connected to Trump was the Hunter Biden laptop where you know, one of our top news manager when the post published this explosive story said, we’re not gonna cover this.

We’re not gonna cover stories that aren’t stories and we’re not gonna let our audience be distracted by this. And you know, this was right before the election and you know, I remember a conversation with a group of us and you know, one of the great journalists at NPR, someone who was very fair of minded said, look, I’m glad we’re not covering this because it could help Trump. And this was when I think things were going off the rails in terms of the basic standards of how we cover politicians and and stories.”

Berliner also penned an essay for the online news outlet The Free Press, titled “I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.”

Berliner has specifically criticized the network’s handling of various major topics throughout the 2020s, such as transgender rights, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the COVID pandemic.

The incident has also spurred former President Trump to end federal funding to NPR.


NPR has officially sanctioned Uri Berliner, according to the far-left network. The punishment, a five-day unpaid suspension that started last Friday, has not been disclosed before.

NPR reported:

In presenting Berliner’s suspension Thursday afternoon, the organization told the editor he had failed to secure its approval for outside work for other news outlets, as is required of NPR journalists. It called the letter a “final warning,” saying Berliner would be fired if he violated NPR’s policy again. Berliner is a dues-paying member of NPR’s newsroom union but says he is not appealing the punishment.

The Free Press is a site that has become a haven for journalists who believe that mainstream media outlets have become too liberal. In addition to his essay, Berliner appeared in an episode of its podcast Honestly with Bari Weiss.

A few hours after the essay appeared online, NPR chief business editor Pallavi Gogoi reminded Berliner of the requirement that he secure approval before appearing in outside press, according to a copy of the note provided by Berliner.

His essay and subsequent public remarks stirred deep anger and dismay within NPR. Colleagues contend Berliner cherry-picked examples to fit his arguments and challenge the accuracy of his accounts. They also note he did not seek comment from the journalists involved in the work he cited.

Several NPR journalists told me they are no longer willing to work with Berliner as they no longer have confidence that he will keep private their internal musings about stories as they work through coverage.

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