Nikki Haley to Fox & Friends:  ‘Humanize’ Abortion Issue — Stop ‘Demonizing’ It

Nikki Haley to Fox & Friends: ‘Humanize’ Abortion Issue — Stop ‘Demonizing’ It

Nikki Haley to Fox & Friends: ‘Humanize’ Abortion Issue — Stop ‘Demonizing’ It

Nikki Haley on Fox & Friends

On Friday, Nikki Haley appeared on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,”  arguing Republicans should “humanize” abortion and stop “demonizing” the ending of a child’s life.

Ainsley Earhardt: Be realistic with the numbers. Yes, we don’t have enough votes in the House or in the Senate to abolish this. How did you come up with this answer, and what are you hearing from the voters after that debate?

Nikki Haley: I mean, Ainsley, that’s the answer from my heart. You know, I am surrounded by blessings, and God has blessed me with an amazing husband and two wonderful children. But having said that, I think it’s really important that all of us remember everybody has a personal story. So while I’m unapologetically pro-life, I don’t judge anyone for being pro-choice. I think that we have to humanize this issue. We’ve got to stop demonizing this issue.

I think the division in this country has gone too far. We have to start looking at the vision going forward. My vision is how do we save as many babies as possible and support as many moms as possible. If that’s the case, be honest with the American people. Tell them what is possible and what’s not possible, and let’s bring people together based on humanity, not based on making people hate each other. And I think it’s happened too long, and I’m just not going to be a part of that. I refuse to be a part of that.

But do we need to ‘humanize’ abortion?

Fr. Frank Pravone, the National Director for Priests for Life, wrote about the real humanization  that should be the focus of the abortion conversation:

When Donald Trump vowed at the Road to Majority conference last month that if re-elected he would “continue to stand proudly for pro-life policies, as I did for four strong years,” I believed him. This is a man who keeps his campaign promises.

“Every child, born and unborn, is a sacred gift from God,” he said. “Every human being has an inherent right to life.”

During his speech he mentioned the “radical” beliefs of the Democrats several times and among the most important things he stressed was that pro-life politicians have to point out that extremism every chance they get.

“They are the radical extremists; we’re not the radical extremists,” Trump said. “Politicians have to say that.”

This is one of a two-pronged strategy for every pro-life candidate who’s facing off against an abortion extremist at every level of government. Let the American people hear again, and again, how Democrats want abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, paid for by our tax dollars.

The second prong is this: show that we are the compassionate people on abortion. We care for the baby, the mother and the whole family. President Trump’s support of pregnancy centers and advocacy of streamlined adoption policies are just two examples of this.

President Trump recognizes that the American people are divided on abortion, but he also knows that thanks to his successful role in reversing Roe v. Wade, pro-life Americans have more bargaining power than ever to advance our goals. We can be assured if he returns to the White House, he will do everything in his power to work with us to advance those goals and expand protections for the most vulnerable among us, the children in the womb.


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Author: Margaret Flavin