My Journey Into the Storm- Where is America’s Justice for the Russian Collusion Hoax Part 1

My Journey Into the Storm- Where is America’s Justice for the Russian Collusion Hoax Part 1

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Part 1: Subtitle: My never before told story of working behind the scenes during  the biggest political upset in history, what really happened and where is America’s justice for the Russian Collusion Hoax.

Guest Post by Jason Sullivan

My name is Jason Sullivan. I am simply a concerned citizen who, like you, saw that our country was heading in the wrong direction and thought perhaps there may be something I could contribute in order to help the people get a pinky on the steering wheel so that together we could steer the ship away from the cliff where jagged rocks were awaiting.

I had the good fortune, the sheer luck, and the blessing of meeting a mentor named William R. (Max) Carey Jr., who was a former U.S. Navy Top Gun Fighter Pilot and Top Gun Instructor. He was also one of the Founding Board Members of The Outback Steakhouse Company, serving as their Chief Strategist, who helped them grow the company from only one (1) store to over 2,000, becoming the world’s 2nd largest casual food dining chain. As it turned out, Max was also one of the nation’s most sought-after Chief Strategists and CEO coaches to mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies. Max was a true patriot who loved our country, and I am eternally grateful as he changed the trajectory of my life.

One day, I asked Max if he would open his Rolodex and get me connected with someone who could put us together with a federal-level senatorial or congressional campaign, where we could test some new social media software we developed to see if we could help drive the narrative for conservative candidates. Max looked at me as if I had three heads on my shoulders and asked if I was feeling okay. “You want us to get involved in politics?” he asked. The rest is, as they would say… history.

We secured a 30-day engagement to help on the final 30 days of a senatorial campaign for a gentleman named Mike McFadden, who was running against incumbent Senator Al Franken in Minnesota in 2014. The first assignment they gave us became known as ‘Conegate,’ where the sitting Senator was caught on video holding traffic cones up to his chest as he proceeded to dance and “diddle” them as if they were “breasts. The GOP was up in arms and was demanding the Senator publicly apologize for his poor behavior, but he simply ignored their demands and would not even acknowledge the event even took place. My first job was to force Al Franken into publicly apologizing using social media… and so we did. This opened Pandora’s box on the sitting Senator’s many deviancies, which ultimately ended in his eventual resignation from the Senate.

Fast forward to 2016, when there were 10 Republican presidential candidates standing on the stage during the first Republican primary debate. Bret Baier asked, “Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?” Only candidate Trump raised his hand. That was the moment I realized here we have a candidate who is not a groomed politician, who is an entrepreneur, who knows instinctively how to think for himself. That was the moment when I knew he was serious and that he had what it takes to become the next President of the United States. So, I proceeded to make attempts to contact the Trump campaign.

My prayers answered?

Finally, after countless efforts to make contact with the Trump campaign, I received an email response to one of my letters sent to other members of the campaign who were in Donald Trump’s sphere of influence. On May 18, 2016, the email came from one of Roger Stone’s assistants, saying that Roger had read my letter and wished to schedule a call. The call was secured, which took place on May 24, 2016, where I presented a live demonstration of the real-time social media software my team and were continuing to develop. By the end of the call, Roger indicated he wished to work with us and asked if we could fly to Fort Lauderdale so our teams could meet immediately that same Friday. On May 27, 2016, now my business partner, William R. (Max) Carey Jr., and I met with Roger Stone and his team in South Florida, where we were officially engaged to combat David Brock’s Media Matters and Correct the Record, Hillary Clinton’s Russian-style disinformation network. I can tell you very clearly it was Hillary Clinton and David Brock’s camps that were working overtime to set up and emulate Russian-style disinformation operations.

Over the coming 97 days between May 27, 2016, and September 1, 2016, I worked diligently, countless hours, and many sleepless nights to help Roger identify meaningful and significant, timely opportunities for the Trump campaign to capitalize on. One video you may recall that I helped go viral during the 2016 election was of a small group of people who were invited to a polling place to test a theory that a hacker could easily access the tabulation function of an electronic voting machine at the time called Diebold. The video showed several individuals cast their votes, and then a hacker took possession of the voter electronic card, and shortly thereafter, they tallied the results. All of the votes had been reversed, leaving the participants stunned. One woman even began to sob as she described how our men and women in the military risk and lose their lives defending our ultimate expression of freedom of speech, which is our right to vote, and to think that these electronic voting machines were so vulnerable that the entire results of an election could therefore be hacked was an absolute travesty. Shortly after, candidate Donald J. Trump actively began exclaiming that voting machines were vulnerable while he was stumping on the campaign trail.

Things really heated up right after a conference call I organized to host Roger Stone, titled ‘The Ultimate Political Insider,’ when suggested he had foreknowledge of future drops that would be coming from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. This was like pouring kerosene on a firestorm of media speculations that the Trump campaign was somehow colluding directly or indirectly with WikiLeaks to quarterback the timed release of the DNCLeaks for maximum impact on their opposition, the Hillary Clinton campaign. These claims of association with WikiLeaks were quickly exploited by Media Matters, the mainstream media, and ultimately by the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation, dominating the public discourse and fueling speculations of Russian collusion. In the end, the Mueller Special Counsel investigated the claims but the liberals did not have anything to charge Roger Stone, Wikileaks or Julian Assange.

Monitoring The Campaign In Real-Time

In warfare, there can be no strategy without intelligence, and believe me, two presidential candidates, along with their entire campaign staff, their legal teams, and their opposition research teams, all battling it out for the hearts and minds of the American voters, takes on a form of information warfare that mostly takes place behind the scenes. I can tell you that by this time in the campaign, the Hillary camp and her fix-it clan within the FBI already had their little “insurance policy” to create their Russian Collusion Hoax, and those plans were already well underway. Also, remember that the Clinton campaign’s law firm, Perkins Coie, retained the now infamous “intelligence firm” Fusion GPS in April of 2016. This is at the same time that the Clinton Super PAC named ‘Correct the Record,’ run by Media Matters political operative David Brock, started up operation “Barrier Breakers” (which did indeed coordinate with the Clinton campaign through Clinton attorney Marc Elias and Clinton campaign media director Robby Mook). In April 2016, the Clinton camp is seen suddenly ramping up to control the narrative at all costs. Perhaps these are all preemptive measures in anticipation of an impending little leak now known as the DNCLeaks? I digress.

If there can be strategy without intelligence, then there can be no greater strategy than one that is built around real-time intelligence.

The Biggest Political Upset Ever

Let’s face it: if the traditional polls were accurate, then Donald J. Trump would never have become the President of the United States. Almost every single poll across the United States leading up until election day itself showed Hillary Clinton as the likely winner of the presidency.

All Of The Final Major Presidential Election Polls November 8, 2016, Tuesday, 7:12 AM EST


So What Happened… And How Did Donald Trump Defy All Odds?

All traditional polls are three (3) things: SLANTED LIMITED STALE.

SLANTED: All polls are slanted. You have to consider the source. If Fox News conducts a poll and MSNBC conducts a poll, and participants are asked the same exact questions, the polls will receive wildly different answers, won’t they? So you always have to consider the source as their audience will always be slightly skewed.

LIMITED: The typical sample size of traditional polling systems is relatively small, ranging from dozens to sometimes hundreds of participants. These sample sizes hardly represent the entire nation’s views and viewpoints.

STALE: Typically, the data presented in traditional polls is days if not weeks old.

So let me ask you… what do you think is more accurate: slanted, limited, and stale polls or real-time social media intelligence based on MILLIONS of tweets and sentiments?

I think you know the answer.

So We Built A Social Media Diagnostics Software Tool That Exploits Twitter Data To Show Us Precisely How Well A Political Candidate Is Resonating With The Public At Large As Opposed To Their Opposition… In Real-Time.

An example snapshot of Actual Polls™, a real-time social media diagnostics tool invented, developed, and deployed by political operative Jason Sullivan. @realDonaldTrump archived page from October 24, 2016.

Important To Remember:

“In order to win a political race, first, you must understand precisely where you are in that race as opposed to where your opposition is currently positioned.”

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump commanded a significant lead against Hillary Clinton, according to our most accurate real-time social media intelligence reports. And then, something peculiar—some would even say very strange— happened.

On October 28, 2016, Former FBI Director James Comey Announces He Is Reopening The Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Email Server… ONLY 11 Days Prior To The Election!

Think About It…

You would think on the surface this sudden development would have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton’s campaign… right?


The FBI reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails served to rally her entire base. In doing so, her supporters swarmed and came out in full force to protect and vote for their queen bee.

We watched in real-time as Hillary Clinton suddenly, for the first time during the election, began to rapidly catch up to Donald Trump on our Actual Polls™ – Real-Time Social Media Diagnostics Matrix Chart!

Data never lies.

It stirred a hornets’ nest!

And then, the FBI somehow magically went through 340,000 (conflicting reports say as many as 650,000) new emails… in a mere eight days, ultimately clearing Hillary Clinton for a SECOND TIME only two days before Election Day.

A mathematically impossible feat!

Read FBI Report.

Fix-it man, former Director of the FBI, James Comey.


This was all very intentional, folks, and the screenshot below represents the actual reality of the effects that took place by the day before the election. This, ladies and gentlemen, was an intentional attempt at electioneering… and it was working.

With literally only a day to go until the election, we knew that if the social trends continued on their current trajectory, the results would spell certain defeat for presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump.

If you never remember anything else I ever say, remember this: In an information war, “Those who drive the narrative… drive the outcome.”

Thank the good Lord for real-time social media intelligence.

Enter Operation Swarm

REWIND A FEW DAYS: When we first watched in real-time (on October 28, 2016) as suddenly Hillary Clinton immediately began to gain on Donald Trumps campaign due to James Comey reopening her email investigation” we realized something had to be done immediately to help amplify Trumps messaging in order to counteract this emerging trend.

What could be done?

We scrambled for a solution!


What was the point of Donald J. Trump tweeting in the first place?

Was it simply for the fun of tweeting (well perhaps sometimes)?

Was candidate Donald J. Trump tweeting just to be shouting in a closet with no one to hear him?

Or… was Donald J. Trump tweeting, hoping and praying that his followers would help to amplify his every message so he could reach the optimum amount of Americans in hopes that he could affect the hearts and minds of as many voters as humanly possible so they would hopefully turn out and vote for him on election day?

How could we quickly get as many of his supporters across the nation as soon as possible to help amplify Trumps every message on scale, and how could we do this in such an effective manner that would allow us to help drive the narrative… by design?

Simplicity Would Be The Key

What if we could create a Twitter app where all Trumps supporters could simply opt-in to automatically retweet every one of his messages on election day?

By leveraging and compounding every subscriber’s follower count, how many tens of millions of people might we help our candidate reach if successful… and which one of candidate Trumps supporters would not sign up if it only took just a couple of clicks… and if we drove the narrative, could we help drive the outcome?

On the evening before the election, we (a fervent, not so insignificant network of key Trump influencers each member with their own sizable networks) all began to implore to their networks that they immediately sign onboard to Operation SWARM and experience just how easy the system was to deploy.

All throughout the evening of November 7th, Trump supporters from all across the nation began to sign on, and they quickly began to tell all of their friends, their neighbors, their colleagues, and their family members to all sign on.

Do You Want To Know What Happened The Next Morning?
And Then What Happened After That?

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