Minneapolis Intersection Renamed in Honor of Felon George Floyd

Minneapolis Intersection Renamed in Honor of Felon George Floyd

On Wednesday, an intersection in Minneapolis was renamed to honor repeat felon George Floyd. Floyd died in 2020 and set off a series of violent riots called the “Summer of Love” that caused over $1 billion in damages across the US.

Floyd’s brother Terrence attended the ceremony and other family members.   On the second anniversary of his death, the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is now named “George Perry Floyd Square.”

“Today we honor two years since George Floyd was murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in a statement. “Each day since, we have remembered George Floyd’s life and legacy as a friend, father, brother, and loved one. His name has been heard in every corner of our world.”

More from CBS Minnesota:

“Honestly I feel chill bumps. It’s a tragic event, but it’s a learning event,” said Charles Gallon, who was at the intersection while in town from Florida.

“This is something that God allowed to happen to change the world,” added Eliza Wesley. She goes by the nickname “Gatekeeper” given that she’s been at the intersection almost everyday since George Floyd was killed. Whether she was controlling traffic or organizing events, the location where those two streets cross is a sacred spot for her and many others. “It always plays in the back of my head that George Floyd died for a purpose. George Floyd did not die in vain,” she said.

“Two years ago, we said that we were gonna get justice for George Floyd. We put boots on the ground, thousands of people,” said Elizer Darris, an activist who gave many impassioned speeches at the intersection in the days following Floyd’s killing. “Hundreds of thousands of people literally flooded the entire world at a time in which we had a pandemic that had everyone shuttered in. But what we saw dictated that we had to get out and that we had to demand justice.”

Last year, a new 700-pound bronze statue was unveiled in Newark, New Jersey.

A 10-foot-tall bronze statue of George Floyd was unveiled in New York City’s Union Square and was later vandalized twice.

The Catholic University of America also has paintings of George Floyd as Jesus hanging outside of the university chapel in the campus ministry office and inside its law school. The sacrilegious painting of George Floyd depicted as Jesus has been stolen, twice.

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Author: Jim Hoft