Masked Youths Ransack New York City Restaurant (Video)

Masked Youths Ransack New York City Restaurant (Video)

Masked Youths Ransack New York City Restaurant (Video)

A Chinese seafood restaurant in New York City was ransacked by masked youths on Saturday. Viral video shows a mob of “mostly Asian and some Hispanic” youths wearing COVID masks and hoodies being confronted by an irate worker at the Fish Village restaurant in Queens who repeatedly cried out “What the f***?!” as the restaurant is turned upside down.

Masked Youths Ransack New York City Restaurant (Video)

Republican New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino who represents the part of Queens where Fish Village is located commented, “Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. I am in touch with the 109th and will be reaching the owners of this restaurant also. I will not stand for this kind of chaos in my district.”

Paladino followed up with a visit to the restaurant, “Visited with the owners of Fish Village in College Point this afternoon to better understand the shameful attack on their business. Detectives from the 109th precinct are working the case and may have leads shortly. Incidents like this cannot be allowed to continue, and that’s why I worked to deploy 50 new officers to this community less than two weeks ago, and I’m fighting to deploy even more law enforcement resources here in the very near future. There must be consequences for this kind of lawlessness, and I hope once the responsible persons are caught, they face aggressive prosecution by our DA.”

WABC-TV reported about $20,000 worth of damage was done (excerpt):

…The manager at Fish Village in College Point said the teenagers all ran inside the restaurant, said nothing, and started trashing the place.

“He said he don’t know what happened, why they gonna do him like that. It feels scary,” said manager Tony Hu through a translator.

…Hu described the teens as mostly Asian and some Hispanic. He said about 30 customers were inside at the time

…Officials say the group didn’t use any weapons or take any property with them.

The restaurant is estimating the damage will cost $20,000.

No arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams is now calling on merchants to not allow mask-wearing people into their stores.

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Author: Kristinn Taylor