Marjorie Taylor Greene Weighs In on GOP’s Complete Trainwreck Performance in General Election

Marjorie Taylor Greene Weighs In on GOP’s Complete Trainwreck Performance in General Election

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In the wake of surprising General Election outcomes, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has taken to the forefront to voice a scathing critique of the Republican Party’s strategies and its handling of core issues.

In a recent statement, the Georgia lawmaker argued that the GOP’s stance on abortion is not the sole cause of their trainwreck performance. Instead, Greene pointed to a broader issue – the inability to address and handle the issue effectively. Greene believes that Republican voters are increasingly disillusioned with the party’s weakness and inaction against “communist Democrats’” agenda.

Greene contends that the Republican base is “fed up” with party members who refuse to stand firm against Democrats. In her view, the GOP must adapt a more assertive approach to win back the confidence of its base and ensure the nation’s survival.

Read her full statement below:

Republicans did not lose because of abortion itself, it’s how the party handles the issue or rather does not handle the issue.

And there are bigger growing problems.

Republicans are losing Republican voters because the base is fed up with weak Republicans who never do anything to actually stop the communist democrats.

Our voters are not inspired to vote for a party that wants to play nice and refuses to hold accountable communists who locked everyone down during the scamdemic, violated their free speech and censored us on social media, steals elections, weaponizes the government against (us) it’s political enemies and is persecuting people, rips our border open to the entire world and floods our country with millions of unknown people and terrorists, funds every foreign war but refuses to defend our own border, and sexually grooms our children to the point they are cutting off their own body parts to “change their gender” before they are even finished growing up.

The Democrats have turned so far left they are communists using Marxism to destroy everything good while they enslave America in crushing debt that is driving inflation that is financially ruining Americans as they can’t make ends meet and drown in credit card debt.

People are losing hope and can’t see a way out and think it’s all going to get worse.

Strongly worded letters and tough talking media hits will not stop the overgrown and out of control Democrat run tyrannical government.

The Republican Party is tone deaf and weak.

They think I don’t fit-in in Washington when in reality I very accurately represent how the Republican voting base feels and Washington Republicans do not.

Republican voters are energized and can not wait to vote for President Trump because he is addressing every issue I just named and they trust him to fix these insane problems we have and the American people believe he is the only one that will actually do it.

Every poll shows it to the dismay of Trump hating establishment Republicans and Trump deranged Democrats who are both united in their quest to stop Trump but more accurately stop the people.

Just wait until the Republican Party finds out how bad turn out will be once the days of Trump rallies and Trump on the ticket are finally gone.

They will try their best to pretend to be him but the people will not be fooled by their rhetoric no more and bold actions will be the only campaign speeches they will turn an ear to even hear.

Those days will eventually come and the Republican Party has only a short time to change their weak ways before they lose the base for years to come.

On the abortion issue.

Republicans lose on abortion because they have for decades allowed democrats to lie about abortion on every level.

Republicans refuse to fight hard against the evil lies of the democrats who claim “abortion is women’s healthcare and a right.”

It is NOT!

Abortion is murder.

It kills another human being, the most innocent of all.

Healthcare saves lives.

Abortion kills lives.

A baby in it’s mother’s womb is not a parasite like democrats say, a baby is God’s beautiful creation and God does not make mistakes and has a plan for every single one of us.

Abortion does not solve a woman’s problem, but having an abortion will leave you scarred for life and regretfully questioning “what if?” for the rest of your life.

Motherhood is the most wonderful blessing and most incredible journey of a woman’s life. Being a mother is something to be proud of, delight in, and yearn for.

Abortion is not birth control but democrats have normalized it so much that it has become so.

Over 63 million people have been murdered in the past 50 years from abortions.

Abortion is genocide and none of their screams are heard when each of them are slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.

These precious little ones can not fight, can not defend themselves, can not flee the abortionists’s weapons of choice that they use to brutally murder them.

Calling this ongoing genocide “healthcare” is an abomination and political lie that democrats use in order to manipulate women to vote for them and continue the child sacrifices that enable democrats to maintain power.

There is nothing more evil.

Republicans must stop being afraid to stand up to democrats disgusting lies about abortion.

When Republicans boldly speak the truth and present solutions to help women in crisis into motherhood then we will win on this issue.

Many voters vote for candidates and the party that offers solutions and help to solve the problems people are facing.

Producing ads that graphically show the truth of an abortion as a baby is being ripped apart or dies lying on a cold metal trey gasping for air after being ripped out of its mother’s womb is the truth America needs to see versus the democrat’s never ending ads lying to women that baby murder is their right.

Too offensive? No not for America and definitely not for democrats.

Remember they are the party that supports men dressing in women’s clothes and provocatively showing their genitals to children during street parades or story time and then throw money at them or encourage their children to tip the monsters themselves.

The Republican Party needs to boldly offer the truth, the solutions, and most importantly fight with everything we have to stop communism in America and protect the most innocent among us.

Truth wins when it shines brightly and is not covered or dimmed.

We must powerfully declare the truth.

Our nation’s survival depends on it.

God help America if 2024’s election yields similar results. If conservatives don’t wake up soon, Democrats will bring in full-blown socialism, and it will be the end of this country.

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