Mall of America on Lockdown; Police Respond to Reports of Active Shooter (Video)

Mall of America on Lockdown; Police Respond to Reports of Active Shooter (Video)

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is under lockdown due to reports of an active shooter. There are no initial reports of casualties.

Police respond to reports of active shooter at Mall of America, screen image via Andy Paras/Twitter.

Bloomington police, “We are currently working an active incident inside Mall of America on the northwest side. Numerous officers are on scene. We will update when we have more information.”

Mall of America, “Mall of America is currently under lockdown. Please stay where you are until the lockdown is lifted.”

“Mall of America is currently under lockdown. There is a confirmed isolated incident in a tenant space. Please remain in the closest secure location until the lockdown has been lifted. Please stay tuned for additional updates.”

Video purportedly of gunfire at a Nike store inside the mall was posted online. This does not appear to be a mass shooter so far.

Closer (and louder) video of gunfire. Shooter in background.

Screen image of alleged shooter via Rebecca Brannon:

“Bloomington police have confirmed to me that shots were fired at the mall and police are on scene. That’s all they were able to tell me. No info on potential injuries. Mall is currently on lockdown.”

Alleged eyewitness, “Shooting in mall of America at the Nike store happened 10 feet away from me…All good 2 guys fighting didn’t think anything of it people started running, I am unfamiliar with the place so I went to go down escalator but sister yelled for me when I saw both guys and turned and heard 3 gun shots”

Police responded while the mall tried to secure customers and workers.

Panicked evacuation:

People posted from their lockdown in the Mall:

“Our kids are currently experiencing their first lockdown at #mallofamerica Guns are the problem.”

“In a “lockdown drill” at the Mall of America. Me and the entire mall. Just saw the inside of the kitchen in a restaurant. Still here. #freedom”

“I’m in lockdown with my 17 year old daughter in the back room of a suit store at #mallofamerica. I don’t understand how this is freedom.”

Purported text message on shooting:

“Outside the Mall of America. 16 members of my family are safe inside. Lockdown is happening and they cannot leave until it is lifted.”

UPDATE via AP: “BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Police confirm gunshots were fired at Mall of America in Minnesota, scene secured, no victim found, suspect being sought.”

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Author: Kristinn Taylor