LOL! On The Five Greg Gutfeld Takes Multiple Shots At Chris Wallace Over The Collapse Of CNN+ (VIDEO)

After the collapse of CNN+ this week, Greg Gutfeld took numerous shots at his former FOX News colleague Chris Wallace during The Five.

At one point, he even looked at the camera and warned viewers that he was going to do it during every segment.

In other words, it was not discrete. It was hilarious, however.

News Busters reports:

During the A-block, when it was Gutfeld’s turn to speak about the paltry crop of potential Democrat presidential candidates, Gutfeld said “Hillary [Clinton] was supposed to come back. You got Bernie [Sanders], you got Mitt [Romney]. The Democratic bench is thinner than Chris Wallace’s demo reel from CNN+”

In the next segment, which was on the topic of rising crime in American cities and Black Lives Matter’s influence in causing it, Gutfeld observed: “BLM has done to black people, what Chris Wallace has done to CNN+. Entice them with a promise, and then ditch them on the side of the road.”

“I’m going to do this every segment, so just get used to it,” Gutfeld warned viewers.

When Gutfeld was asked to give his take on former President Obama’s pathetic speech on “disinformation”, the Fox co-host again took a shot at Wallace: “well to quote Chris Wallace. I don’t think the credibility of this initiative is sustainable.”

Moments later, he mocked the failed CNN+ host again “so look for independent voices with free time. I guess that eliminates Chris Wallace.” That line was met with a gasp by fellow co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

In the D-Block when Pirro asked Gutfeld what he thought about climate change, Gutfeld responded that he thinks it’s a “challenge that we will be facing” but argued a lot of the left’s solutions are unreliable. “I mean look at CNN+, how much money they invested in wind power by hiring Chris Wallace,” he quipped.

See the clips below:

So funny.

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