Leo Hohmann: Why Were Israelis so Defenseless Against Hamas Terrorists Going House-to-House Killing and Raping?

Leo Hohmann: Why Were Israelis so Defenseless Against Hamas Terrorists Going House-to-House Killing and Raping?

This article originally appeared on Leo Hohmann’s Substack and was republished with permission.
Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Let this be an object lesson for Americans: Never give up your Second Amendment rights

By now you’ve all seen the horrifying images from Israel over the weekend. People being murdered in their homes. Women being pulled out of vehicles by their hair and raped. Men being dragged behind vehicles to their deaths. Spat upon. Executed.

The victims called the police and military, which did not arrive on most of the bloody scenes for two hours or more.

Looking at these images of carnage, many of us have asked, why didn’t the Israelis fight back?

Many of us, myself included, assumed that with Israel being surrounded on all sides by such vicious enemies, and living in such close proximity to them, that the Israelis lived with firearms at the ready in all of their houses.

That assumption would be wrong.

According to my sources, the Israeli government makes its citizens jump through so many hoops that less than 2 percent of Israeli citizens are licensed to own a pistol. And it’s virtually impossible to own a rifle. If you are among the ranks of retired military, you are allowed to own a rifle but you cannot store it in your house unless you are among the top elite commandos.

This answers the question of, why didn’t they fight back? They were left as sitting ducks by their government leaders, who are, frankly, just as corrupt as our leaders in Washington. They are not in office to protect the people. And because they are so corrupt, they fear the people. And the first order of business for a corrupt government that no longer represents the interest of the people, is to disarm the people.

You can’t trust the body politick with weapons if you’re screwing them royally through theivery disguised as heavy taxation that’s weighted against the middle and lower classes. You must disarm them. And that’s exactly what the Israeli government did to those people who were slaughtered in 29 communities over this past weekend.

Watch the video below as Dave Kobler, a U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, explains — and be thankful we still have the Second Amendment in America because our corrupt politicians would love nothing better than to eliminate it and disarm us, too.

American society is not that different from Israel. We have lunatic politicians seeking to destroy our way of life and take away our freedoms. At the same time, we have many violent criminals, especially in our cities, who are allowed to roam free with little risk of extended incarceration. The border has been left wide open for more criminals to join the ranks. Refugees from nations that hate us have been imported since the 1980s, legally and with the full support of traitors in Congress (read my book Stealth Invasion for the whole ugly story of refugee resettlement). The same element that butchered those Jews in Israel is here in America and they will turn on us at some point. We’re already seeing evidence of it with the pro-Hamas rallies held in major cities across the U.S. the last couple of days.

All we have left to rely on for our protection is our own personal defensive plans and faith in God. When you need the police, they will not be there to protect you. And don’t even think about the military. They’ve been totally infiltrated and their members answer to a command structure that begins in the White House (need I say any more?).

The Second Amendment is the final frontier for American freedom lovers. The First Amendment has been under intense attack for years and has been extremely watered down over the last three or four years, to the point where it is hanging by a thread. The globalists who run Washington and many state Capitols are now gunning for the Second Amendment. Once that’s gone, that’s all she wrote. It’s game over. We are then totally dependent on the government for our protection. How did that work out for those Israelis?

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