Kamala Harris Targets Guns in Hopes of Bolstering Presidential Bona Fides

Kamala Harris Targets Guns in Hopes of Bolstering Presidential Bona Fides

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New office giving her a focus after immigration, other failures

Kamala Harris has been described by critics as the worst vice president ever. Also as the best impeachment insurance ever, as few would want to exchange even a fading Joe Biden for her cackle and flubs.

Cesar Conda, a Republican strategist and onetime aide to former Vice President Dick Cheney, said in a report in the Washington Examiner Harris is “the gift that keeps on giving” to her critics.

“It’s not her verbal gaffes or maniacal cackle that are a political liability but rather her job performance as vice president,” Conda said. “For instance, Biden appointed her ‘border czar’ to be the administration’s point on the border surge, but she failed to do her job: 304,162 illegal immigrants [were] encountered at the border in August, which is the highest since the Department of Homeland Security started keeping records.”

Her gaffes have been just about as legendary as Biden’s own, with her explanation that community banks are … in the community.

But vice presidents often try to succeed the top of their ticket, and whether Harris intends to do that or not isn’t clear yet.

But she apparently sees an opportunity in the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

Her other accomplishments in office have been minimal. She was supposed to uncover and defeat the root causes of illegal immigration, only to see that problem worsen catastrophically. Of course her advocacy for abortion has become like many other Democrats.

Representatives for Harris have disputed that she’s responsible for Biden’s immigration failures, but she’s coming more and more under the microscope of Republicans including 2024 candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.

But she’s deeply underwater on her approval and Paul Henderson, who aided Harris when she was San Francisco’s district attorney, said now is the time for her to regroup after her record of “challenging outcomes.”

“Aside from whether or not this is the moment that gun control moves forward, having Kamala at the helm signals to Democrats that a solid priority [for] the party is now being carried to voters by the vice president,” he told the Examiner. “It’s a rallying topic with the base of Democrats and likely to serve as a rallying cry to new voters motivated by the topic.”

Unfortunately for Harris, there have even been Democrats wondering whether she’s the right No. 2 for Biden in the 2024 race, much less 2028.

Vice presidential scholar Joel Goldstein told the Examiner, “The takeaway from these assignments should be that they are reflections of President Biden’s confidence in her to help handle difficult problems. … Republicans attack Harris because she’s unpopular among Republican voters, but many of them wouldn’t vote for any Democratic candidate.”

The report explained the new Gun Violence Prevention office is to “use the full power of the federal government to strengthen the coalition of survivors, and advocates, and students, and teachers, and elected leaders to save lives and fight for the right of all people to be safe from fear.”

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