Kachelman: A NATION’S ERASURE…Where is the USA?

Kachelman: A NATION’S ERASURE…Where is the USA?


Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

A failed nation is the consequence of the citizen’s complacency. A corrupt nation is the product of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. A nation’s erasure is the Divine’s judgment on the population bowing submissively and surrendering their inalienable rights to a totalitarian group

It is a CHOICE of the citizens.

An undeniable, historical fact is that there is a constant rerun in civilization’s chronicles—nations rise and fall because of the citizen population. Once the citizens resign their individual rights and freedoms, then the nation’s foundations crack and crumble.

It is a CHOICE of the citizens.

When the citizens choose silence over common sense questioning; when the citizens relinquish all choices to the State and render foolish compliance to the inanest mandates; when the body politic is run by authorities viewing themselves as elitists —a nation’s erasure is an absolute consequence. The formula is absolute. IF a nation does ______ THEN national calamity results.

It is a CHOICE of the citizens.

The history of the national rise and fall of World Empires, has a constant factor—the citizens did nothing. They chose to allow the decline of the national conscience and urged the national consciousness to be desensitized. They sat in silence while their nation imploded within from corruption in the highest levels of governing and accepted the fall as the enemy outside completed the nation’s destruction. This is a true fact. It is an absolute fact. It can be denied, but it cannot be evaded. It may be forestalled but its inevitability is certain.

An illustration of this is the lament of an Old Testament prophet who witnessed the fall of the once proud city of Jerusalem. The national demise followed the historic pattern. The national fall was the choice of the citizens! The prophet lamented,

“How lonely sits the city that once had many people! She has become like a widow who was once great among the nations! She who was a princess among the provinces has become a forced laborer! She has no one to comfort her…All who pursued her have overtaken her in the midst of distress…it is bitter for her…her adversaries have become her masters…her splendor is gone…Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?” (Jeremiah’s Lamentations, The Bible)

The fall was the CHOICE of the citizens. Listen again to the prophet’s heartbreaking query asked to those marching through the ruins of the once great nation, “Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?”

IF the nation’s citizens become complacent, the political leaders become corrupt, and all personal liberties are surrendered to totalitarian mandates, THEN national erasure is assured!

The erasure of Germany. The historic erasure of a great nation from recent time is the failed nation of Germany. The nation’s citizens surrendered to the controlling Politicians and disaster was ignited. The extremism of Germany’s political forces resulted in the nation’s erasure. As one notes, “Germany died with the 2nd World War, that is the tragic truth, and although the German nation continues to exist, what the German people lost with the war goes far beyond the obvious material and human losses.”

The erasure of Russia. Volumes validate the erasure of Russia as a great nation. Once vying for the number one spot of “World Empire,” the national fail has been a historic rerun of this article’s thesis. The amazing fall of the USSR was the product of a number of factors eventually bringing the dissolution. The fragmentation of that one World Power continues today as its Elite Rulers attempt to crush the opposition. If you want a clear illustration of how a Police State functions, look at the current affairs in Russia. The most prominent opposition figure to Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, has been found guilty of fraud and contempt of court. The charges are validated ONLY by the State’s Prosecution and intended only to silence the most vocal opposition. Not surprising is the State’s verdict that such opposition deserves nine-years in prison! The intimidation tactic is well communicated to others thinking of opposition.

The reality of a POLICE STATE persecuting its critics is amply illustrated. Another account of Russia’s far-reaching intimidation is supplied by the mysterious death of a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin in Washington’s West End. This is drawing fury from some of the Kremlin’s best-known global detractors — but scant notice in Washington, where police say they do not suspect foul play was behind Dan Rapoport’s fall from a luxury apartment building on the night of August 14.

The erasure of the United States of America. Our great nation cannot escape the inevitability of the historic constant. The historic constant is undeniable: IF the nation’s citizens become complacent, the political leaders become corrupt, and all personal liberties are surrendered to totalitarian mandates, THEN national erasure is assured!

Numerous articles are available highlighting the national catastrophe about to erupt. This cataclysm has been in the making for decades and in recent years the inevitability has become a juggernaut. As a nation we are rushing pell-mell into oblivion as a “great” nation. Following the script for national erasure, we now see opposition threatened with sham investigations instigated by corrupt POLS and sanctioned by compromised justice. Invasion of private property is justified with manufactured reasoning. There is no objective truth in the accusations. The reality of living in a POLICE STATE that punishes opposition without due process and ignores flagrant crimes, is visible. We are now reaching the point of no-return.

Where are we in the United States of America?

There is hope of rescue. Surely not everyone in the governmental positions are complicit in the evil committed in the name of law and justice. Surely not every law enforcement agent in the Federal, State and Local agencies are compromised. There are those in positions who can step forward and speak out. These have information and can validate the unconstitutional evil seeking to destroy our nation. It is time for these “whistleblowers” to come forward and expose the rampant corruption, illegality, evil schemes and subversive people seeking to undermine our freedom. We implore these to become heroes and save our nation. You have the data! Realize your opportune position.

There is justice being meted. A constant of history is that eventually Justice is meted to the individuals. In fascist Germany, in totalitarian USSR, and throughout civilization this is a never-changing fact. Eventually ALL involved in the national demise and dissolution will be exposed and punished.

So…if you are imbedded in the corruption, NOW is the time to stand up and speak out while you still have the opportunity to save yourself from the disaster coming! We are witnessing a trickle of those brave enough to expose the evil, but we need the trickle to become a flood!

Exposure and justice are inevitable.

The answer is in YOUR hands

A fable from ancient China discusses the wisest man on earth. No one could confuse him. He knew all answers. Two boys decided on a plan to stump the man. One put a small bird (or butterfly) in his hand and put his hands behind his back. They decided to ask the wise man if the bird was alive or dead. Whatever answer was given they would either kill or keep alive the bird and so thwart the wise man’s reply. They approached the wise man, asked the question and was ready to follow the cunning plan. When asked the question the man wisely replied, “The answer is in your hands.”

Citizens of the United States of America…Jeremiah asks you to look at the dissolution of your nation asking yourselves, “Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?” The fable reminds us of the inexcusable fact “The answer is in your hands.”

WHO will step forward and expose the corruption, illegalities and compromises plaguing our nation and fueling its erasure? WHO will have the courage to be a bold heroic figure standing up for the Constitutional principles and against the autocratic Elite who presume a privileged ruling status? “The answer is in YOUR hands”?

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